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Best Android apps for fun and productivity

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If you’re looking for some great free Android apps that will make your life more fun or more productive, you’ve come to the right place. Here are out top recommendations, in no particular order.

1. Backgrounds HD – easily switch out your screen background pic

If you like to change your background pic every now and then, BackGrounds HD makes it extra-easy for you. You can search their incredible collection of pics by color, by category, or more. Apply the image to your phone from within the app: super-easy.

2. Photo Lab – great visual effects for your profile pic

What makes the effects at Photo Lab stand out is that they’re designed especially for use with profile pics. All sorts of backgrounds and visual effects are available, making this the ideal choice for your social media profile photos.

3. Gardenscapes – a relaxing and fun game

Gardenscapes goes above and beyond other match-3 games; each level you complete helps you improve the gardens of a mansion you have inherited in the game. Also, in-game purchases are not essential to proceed in the game, although they will make it faster. Another feature: just as great as playing the game is watching the character animations when there’s nothing else going on. Some of it is LOL-funny!

4. Note List – calendar and appointment reminder app that doesn’t stress you out

I’ve tried out a lot of the calendar apps on Android, and Note List is the best one by far. You can set it to remind you with an alert before each appointment, or not, as you wish (you can do it differently for each entry). No complicated stressful blocks of time on a grid to deal with. Just select the date from the calendar and add your appointments and events. You get to see the upcoming appointments ordered by date in a list below the calendar. Now you’re organized, but without adding stress to your life.

5. Edison mail – get all your secondary emails in one place

The built-in Gmail app is wonderful for your gmail account, but if you have any other email addresses (e.g. Yahoo, AOL, etc), you’ll love receiving all those secondary emails in one place with Edison Mail. I’ve tried out several other email clients, but I’ve found Edison by far the best for its ease of setup.

6. FastScanner – use your camera to scan anything into pdf or jpg quickly and easily

FastScanner is perfect when you want to scan a physical document (e.g. a letter) and save it or send by email. By contrast, simply taking a photo with your built-in camera doesn’t always work well because often the writing doesn’t stand out enough on the page. FastScanner automatically figures out the brightness and contrast settings so that you get the correct look and a readable document right away. What makes it stand out from others is that if you wish, you can switch up or down the contrast manually in the app after you see how your document looks. This way you don’t have to re-take the document pic again. I’ve found this feature helpful on the rare occasions when the app’s settings don’t get it quite optimal.

7. Color Checklist – create and save checklists for all occasions

This is my number one app for making a travel packing list. Color Checklist lets you create checklists and save them. Once saved, you can go through and check off items, and/or tell it to uncheck everything. This is great for when you need to make a to-do or to-bring list that needs to be done and re-done on different occasions, like travel packing or items to bring when setting up a trade display, etc. It’s less for one-off reminders and more for the type of list that you want to re-do again on another occasion. Best of all, you can color-code each of your lists for at-a-glance usability.

8. SureMute – easily mute your phone on schedule

If you have recurring meetings, class, or church at pre-set times, SureMute saves you the hassle of remembering to mute your phone each time. This app has really helped me out. It’s super-easy to add in entries for the days and times that you need muting. Best of all, this app works well for one-off or recurring events. It stands out from the crowd by its ability to let you specify if you want the phone to be on complete silence or on vibrate.

9. PhotoCollage – Create fun collages from your pics

I’ve played with a lot of collage apps, but PhotoCollage is my top favorite. It lets you put together great collages, and unlike other apps you can pick between standard grid-style collages or themed magazine-cover collages.


Here we have outlined the best Android apps for fun and productivity which we have personally tested out. If you have an Android phone, you should check out some of these as fast-lane way to a happier and more productive lifestyle.

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