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Best cheap cPanel web hosting with Softaculous

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Rest assured there are plenty of reliable cheap web hosts who offer both cPanel and Softaculous; however these are not always easy to identify. Here we have pulled together a bunch of great web hosting options which all come bundled with cPanel and Softaculous. If you're new to the world of hosting, you'll want to know why these are important features you don't want to miss out on, so I'll cover that briefly first. Below that, we list web hosts which have these features.

cPanel - what it is and why you need it

cPanel is the back-end control panel for your website which allows you to administer your websites in an extremely user-friendly way. You can do everything point-and-click; drag-and-drop. No need to use the command line, no need to set up ftp just to transfer some files! (You certainly can still use ftp or the command line with cPanel if you want, but for the average site there isn't much point).

You can set up your site's email addresses, handle spam filters, browse and edit your website's files, check on your SSL status, and so much more with cPanel. Best of all, it's extremely intuitive. You don't need to have any technical know-how to use cPanel. With so many cheap web hosts now bundling cPanel into their basic plans, you don't need to compromise on this must-have feature. Whether you have one site or many, you truly need cPanel.

Online how-to tutorials about websites often assume you have cPanel, so if you have it you'll be easily able to follow along with videos or screenshots in tutorials. It's a standardized interface no matter which web host you use, and that's so helpful.

Softaculous - what it is and why you need it

Softaculous allows you to do one-click install of your site software, such as Wordpress or any of the many other types of sites you can create. Most importantly of all, Softaculous allows you an easy one-click restore of your site (from a backup). This is a must-have for your site. If something were to go horribly wrong, there is nothing like the peace of mind you get from knowing you're just one click away from being able to instantly restore the site to your last backup if necessary. Best of all, Softaculous gives you the option to automate the creation of those backups, although you can of course always tell it to create a fresh backup at any time at the click of a button.

Without Softaculous, not only would it be harder to install your website software, but also you could wind up unable to quickly restore your site if something went wrong. Restoring from a backup is a much, much harder process without Softaculous and you need to know what you're doing. For most sites a non-Softaculous restore would involve you restoring both a database and some files, and if you're not experienced you can easily get it wrong and wind up with a non-functional site during a restore. With Softaculous, you don't need to worry - it backs up all of the information for you and stores it in one spot, and then if you click to restore then it restores each part (database and files) for you in the correct place without you having to figure anything out. So for a beginner, Softaculous is a must. Even for a very experienced person, Softaculous saves you your valuable time when restoring - you can do it in 1 click.

High performance safe cheap web hosts with cPanel and Softaculous

Let's move on and look at the best reliable safe cheap web hosts whose plans include cPanel and Softaculous. All of these cost around a cup of coffee a month or less.

If you're a beginner, the cheapest level of shared hosting is all you need from any of these hosts. You can always upgrade at the same host later as your site gets more traffic - and with that much of an audience, your site should be earning enough from advertisements (or whatever monetization method you're using) to more than cover the cost.

Best all-around

A2 Hosting

The best all-around host with cheap pricing and excellent features and performance is A2 Hosting - you can't go wrong there. We've used them ourselves and are very pleased with the customer service and performance.

Best for beginners


For fast easy setup with a beginner-friendly web host, Hostgator is your best bet. I especially love how all their plans are affordable, not just the lowest-level one. Hostgator has excellent customer service via live chat, voice call, or ticket. You get really great value for money with them. If you're a beginner, this is the host to go for, especially if you're debating which plan level to go for - their plans are all cheap, so if you need to upgrade later down the track it won't set you back much.

Best eco-friendly


GreenGeeks is the most eco-friendly web host out there. They put back into the grid 3 times more than what they pull out by purchasing renewable energy credits. They also plant a tree for every web hosting account that is started. We have used GreenGeeks ourselves and it has excellent performance, reliability and safety. GreenGeeks proves that eco-friendly need not be expensive - it's one of the cheapest hosts in our list!

Worth a look - bonus option

Asura Hosting

If budget is the biggest concern, then you may like to try Asura Hosting as they are by far the cheapest of the ones on this page. However, I have not tried this host myself yet, so I cannot comment on its performance.


The hosts mentioned above have cPanel and Softaculous bundled into their plans, yet are very cheap hosts.

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