Luxury mattress – what is the ultimate mattress with the best press mentions?

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Best Reviewed MattressPlenty of different mattress brands have been touted in the press. The one which stands out to me as having the most high-quality mentions is Saatva Inc. Fortune magazine, Elle Decor, The Boston Globe, and Modern Living with Kathy Ireland are just a few of those who have mentioned the Saatva brand of mattress in a very positive light (see reference 1).

Why is Saatva such a good luxury mattress brand to own? I was curious too, so I checked into this:

  • Pick your own comfort level: there are 3 pre-made comfort levels that cover almost everyone’s needs, so you don’t need to agonize over 20 different choices. They’ve done the hard work for you; you just have to choose between their shortlist of 3 great options.
  • Honest company, won’t try to sell you stuff that won’t work for you: Interestingly, on their site, Saatva states that if you prefer a really super-soft or ultra-hard mattresses, Saatva isn’t for you (reference 2). Wow. It’s rare to see that type of integrity anymore.
  • 100% made in the USA (see reference 3). High quality materials.
  • Eco-friendly / green materials for your health, and for that of the planet.

Reviews show a true luxury product:

You can check out reviews of Saatva here to get an idea how it really feels.


If you might be in the market for the ultimate luxury mattress, you should take a look at Saatva Inc. There’s a reason it got all those good press mentions.

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