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Children’s Rugs: Decorate Your Child’s Room

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If you want to let your child’s room reflect his or her personality, try decorating with a kid’s rug! It’s fast, easy and if you shop carefully, cheap. Unlike when we ourselves were children, there are now a multitude of exciting children’s rug designs, from adorable pastel nursery rugs to vibrant show-stopping contemporary teen designs. Sizes vary from a cute foot-of-the-bed size to a huge area rug.

For boys, there are plenty of rugs just for your little man, from construction vehicle rugs to sports rugs to camouflage rugs… every boy’s interest can be found in stylish masculine rug form.

For girls, as with clothing, girls have a huge range of options; from pink princess-style rugs to timeless classic floral designs to sassy upbeat colors with plenty of attitude.

There are also plenty of gender-neutral rugs which appeal to boys and girls alike.

Choosing the perfect rug for your child

In picking out the perfect rug for your child, you’ll want to consider personality and interests – it’s his or her room you’re decorating after all, not yours! You’ll also want to think about how it will look in the existing room decor, and if there any other decorating goals you want to accomplish with the rug.

How long your child will take to outgrow the rug is important – for instance, a cute teddy bear area rug might serve well for a nursery and toddler rug, but eventually your child will find the design too baby-ish. On the other hand, a younger sibling might make good use of it in their room. Factor all this into your budget. For example, if you’re planning to get a rug which will quickly lose interest as your child gets older, don’t plan on spending much on it. On the other hand, a timeless classic design might be worth spending extra on for a plusher pile and more durability because it will last longer.

Children’s rugs can be educational

Some rugs are designed to help children learn their alphabet, numbers or shapes. These rugs have plenty of style and are designed to appeal to kids. If you want to add an extra dimension to decorating your child’s room, then an educational rug might be the way to go. On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with going purely for a fun rug instead. It’s entirely your choice.

Where to find children’s rugs

You can find children’s rugs at your local discount stores, children’s stores, toy stores, or try the kids’ section of an online rug warehouse.

Imagine the look on your little boy’s face when he comes home to find a car-shaped rug parked in his room! Or envision how your little girl will love to put her little feet down on a plush butterfly themed rug every day when she gets up in the morning. A kid’s rug can really make an impact and brighten your child’s room year round.

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