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Things to consider before getting a dog or other pet

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Which type of pet are you thinking about?

Are you thinking about getting a dog or other pet? Dogs are wonderful pets, although they require a lot of care. Depending what part of the world you are in, there may be certain laws about what you are required to do for your pet dog, so you will need to comply with your country or state's requirements. Some other pet animals you may like if a dog is not for you are cats, hamsters, and rabbits.

Understand the costs of a pet

Whatever animal your new pet is, you will need to be properly set up and be sure you are financially set for its expenses, which go far beyond the initial cost of getting the animal. Even then, you may have unexpected costs in addition to the things you may expect and budget for. Some of the costs that are easier to budget for are food, bedding, toys, and regular vet check-ups. There are also many unexpected costs, such as boarding the animal if you are going away, or vet bills due to illness or injury.

Your home environment

A pet can bring you a lot of joy. Deciding on the right pet for you will depend on many factors, such as the size of your home, the amount of available time you have to care for your pet, your financial situation, and more. The people you live with need to be consulted too. You can't just walk in with a new pet one day and expect everyone to be happy, unless you have already discussed this option with them.

Make sure your environment is stimulating to your pet, while not being overwhelming. This will help not only when you first bring your pet home, but also afterward.

Getting set up with a veterinarian

If you have a small animal such as a rabbit or hamster, be aware that not all veterinarians will examine these animals. Some consider small animals to be a specialty, and they may only offer small animal services on a certain day or days of the week. In many cases, vet exams for small animals may actually cost more than those for cats or dogs.

Take some time to think about the future ramifications

Deciding to get a pet is not a decision to be rushed. It is not only your lifestyle that will be changed by the arrival of a pet, but also those with whom you live. If you are single, be aware that this may limit some of your dating options. Of course this is no big deal if a pet is a must-have for you. But not all of your potential matches will be open to a lifestyle with pets. So this may be something you need to think about ahead of time.

Being a good owner is something that takes time and effort. But the good news is that it is very rewarding. Regardless of what animal your pet is, you will enjoy getting to know him or her.

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