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     Monday, January 24, 2022
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Review of eBags - handbags, luggage and more

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I shopped at eBags.com for a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law. I noticed a really beautiful and original handbag there that I knew that she would love, so I bought it for her. This is a review of my shopping experience at eBags.


  • Easy to find what you are looking for – this is true whether you are looking for a particular style, color, material, brand name, price, or more. Results can quickly and easily be filtered to narrow down to what you’re looking for.
  • Prices. The items are priced nice and low.
  • On-mannequin pic. For each product there are pics of the bag itself from all angles but crucially, there is also a photo of the item displayed on a mannequin. This shows you at a glance how it would look on you size-wise while wearing it – no need to grab a ruler to estimate how the dimensions would look. Although they do have the dimensions clearly listed as well if the exact inches are important to you.
  • Item packaged and presented well. The bag I ordered arrived in a clear packaging sleeve wrapped with a layer of protective tissue paper inside, and the tag turned so that the brand name was facing outward and was seen easily. There was no price printed on the tag. This was exactly what I wanted to give as a gift, something that looked like it was fresh off the shelf in pristine condition and without any clue as to how much I had spent on it.
  • There are a range of shipping options and they’re not expensive at all. I managed to snag an even cheaper shipping deal during the checkout process than was advertised. Very impressive.


  • Item arrived a few days after the estimated delivery date. There isn’t really any excuse for this these days: they need to either speed up their shipping, or change the estimated delivery dates. I was using the cheapest level of shipping, so this might take longer than other methods, but even so, they need to provide accurate estimates.
  • Fluctuating estimates of delivery date. Besides the problem of it arriving a few days late, the original receipt named one date as the estimated delivery date, while the subsequent shipping notice named a date a whole week later than the original date! In the end the item arrived between the two dates, but again, there is no excuse for this sort discrepancy. I had ordered with plenty of time to spare so it wasn’t an issue for me personally, but this is something they could and should fix.

The verdict:

eBags is a legitimate online retailer of handbags, luggage and more. Upon arrival, the handbag I ordered was clearly a high quality, well-made product. It looked a lot more impressive than the price I had paid for it, and it was packaged and presented well. The only downside was that the item arrived a few days late.

Overall, I would shop there again, but I wouldn’t trust their estimates of shipping times. If the precise timing is important to you, I wouldn’t recommend them. However, if you can handle an arrival a few days late, then you will probably enjoy eBags.

As for my mother-in-law? She loved the bag and was very impressed!

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