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Fast Home Decorating with Rugs

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Living room with rug

Rugs can provide an instant makeover for your living space

If you want an instant update to a room without a hefty price tag or lots of furniture-moving, try decorating with rugs. An area rug can be a great way to let a room express your personality.

An area rug is easy to place and involves even less work than hanging artwork on the walls (now that’s something every busy person likes to hear!)

Envision how great a hardwood floor and white walls would look with a pop of brilliant color from an area rug. Or perhaps you are considering giving your space an entirely different mood or look – for example, updating a more traditional setting using a rug with an edgy design in a simple and complementary color scheme.

Express your personality – it matters!

Consider your personality and the colors you like when selecting a rug. Some examples:

  • Express an outgoing, upbeat personality by using a rug in a lively contemporary pattern.
  • If you appreciate stately elegance and a restrained look, a beautiful area rug in muted tones and a swirly pattern can create a beautiful ambiance in your living area.
  • If you’d like to complement a warm and welcoming look, a braided rug is a superb choice – there are many colors from which to choose.
  • If you are shopping for your child’s room, there are plenty of cute kids’ rug options for a nursery or child’s room.
  • For a romantic at heart, try soft pastels or floral themes – imagine how appropriate that would look near a tall window with long billowing drapes!

Stay within your budget

Pick the budget that works for you and stick to it. Remember, you won’t truly enjoy a rug for which you had to fork out more than you’re comfortable. You’ll want to go to a store that either stocks mainly your particular budget, whether modest or high-end, or try a rug warehouse with a wide price range. We like the rugs at home decor store GDF Studio; they have Free Shipping on All Orders. No Minimum Purchase.

Home decorating goals you can achieve with a rug:

  • Help ‘anchor’ conversational groupings of furniture in a big room.
  • Bring together different colors that already exist in the room.
  • Make a hardwood floor feel warmer in winter.
  • Setting a mood (e.g. upbeat/party look in a sitting room; a calm mood in a bedroom).
  • Increasing or decreasing the level of formality in a room.
  • Make hard-to-decorate areas instantly more exciting (hallways, entrance areas).

When not to decorate with rugs

Decorating with rugs is not for everyone. If you live with an elderly person who has trouble getting around, a rug will make your home less safe for them. Also, there is such a thing as too many rugs in a room and it really doesn’t look good!

Have fun with it!

Selecting the right rug for your living space should be a fun and exciting occasion. Just make sure you measure up the available space so you know what size of rug you’re looking for: a smaller entranceway rug or a huge area rug. You’ll enjoy looking at different shapes of rugs too – there’s no need to stick with the traditional rectangle if you’d rather have a circular or oval rug. Some oriental-style rugs even come in octagonal shapes.

There are so many beautiful rug designs out there… shop wisely and enjoy yourself! You’ll love to come home to a great rug which really looks superb in your home decor scheme.

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