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Great icon themes for Linux - stylish and modern

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Tired of the default icon themes? A fresh set of icons is one of the quickest and easiest ways to add an even more exciting vibe to your Linux computer.

But the selection can seem overwhelming! Don’t worry; we tried out many of the free icon themes at, and these ones made our shortlist for being particularly fresh and futuristic.

These were all tested in the same system, for maximum consistency. In case anyone is wondering, this was Linux Lite v 3.8 with the XFCE desktop. However, these icons should work in most distros and with most desktops.

Here are the results:

Yosa Max

Flat, but not too flat, Yosa Max looks ultra-modern without looking excessively flat. This is one of our favorite themes to use.

Icon theme for Linux


Well…. wow! SlashIcon has a wonderfully upbeat, playful-yet-professional look. This is an ideal choice for anyone who wants their icons to stand out.

The blue folders here are different from those in Yosa Max, in case you were wondering.

Icon theme for Linux


A soft, slightly desaturated look makes the Zafiro icon set both modern and easy on the eye.

Linux icon theme

Huayra Liso

Stunning and unique, the Huayra Liso icon set with its soft colors and shadow effect is just amazing.

Icon theme for Linux


There are many icon sets available. We made a shortlist of the ones above, but if none of those suit you, there are plenty more at the icon section of

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