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Review of Grove Collaborative - natural and organic home and cleaning items

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Review of Grove Collaborative - natural and organic cleaning products

I've been using Grove Collaborative for the past 9 months to get organic and natural cleaning products delivered to my door - with carbon-offset shipping. They also have a good range of self-care and baby products, although I mainly use Grove for cleaning products, with the exception of deodorant (which I will mention below - it's by far the best deodorant I've ever had).

What is Grove Collaborative?

Grove is an online store for natural and organic household products, and in addition they also offer a VIP subscription service. This is the service I'm on right now. Rest assured you can still shop at Grove without signing up for a subscription. Without the VIP subscription the minimum order amount is higher, and you don't get the occasional free gifts that they send you as a VIP. But both shopping options are great.

The VIP subscription cost when I signed up was around $20 per year, which is quite reasonable and gets me free shipping with low order minimums. Plus I've enjoyed the occasional free gifts they send to VIP members. The shipments by default come monthly but you have the option to either delay a shipment to whatever date you want, or to ship early if you need your items sooner. They give you two months trial before charging you the subscription fee, which is handy if you're not certain whether you want to be a VIP or a standard shopper.

And as mentioned, if you don't like subscriptions and just want somewhere to find occasional natural household products, you can shop the range of products as a standard shopper without having to pay any subscription fees. You won't get the perks of VIP, but it's a good option if you don't need as many items.

Let's move on to the pros and cons of Grove based on my shopping experience. Since I'm a VIP member, this review is written from that standpoint, but no matter which way you shop it'll give you a good feel for the pros and cons of Grove.


  1. Excellent customer care; reliable and legitimate.
  2. Great range of products.
  3. Price point similar or cheaper to other stores for those same items.
  4. Some items are exclusive to Grove (e.g. their own brand of stain remover for laundry - which is highly effective) which you won't be able to find anywhere else.
  5. Shipping is always carbon offset.
  6. Besides regular customer care options, they do it via text messaging. I'm not sure if the text messaging is for regular shoppers or just VIP. They don't send you ads this way, only actual customer care. This was incredibly helpful the one time I had a problem: one of my items got damaged in shipping in a way that made it unusable. I simply snapped a pic of the damaged item and texted it to my customer service person - they assign you one right at the start who introduced themselves via text message. Within a few hours my customer service rep said they were looking to resolve this, and within 48 hours he texted back to say they would replace the item for free in my next order and issue a small credit to my account as well. This was superb and I was very happy with the result.
  7. They send you a reminder email before your next shipment, so you can go in and make any changes you want.
  8. Excellent product recommendations tailored to what you buy. I've discovered some really great go-to items there e.g. all-natural foaming hand soap, all-natural replacement for Barkeeper's Friend, etc.


  1. For the VIP members, they set up your default next order for you. While I can see this is helpful to have some type of order in place and yes they do base it on your previous purchases, it's a little frustrating because they estimate a bit high of what you'll be spending. It's not a huge negative because you are in control and can change the order at any time. You certainly have plenty of time to change the items before it ships - I typically go in and make the changes to lower amounts for the next order right after the current order ships to me.
  2. Ships only to the contiguous US at the moment.

My favorite Grove items

Grove stocks several items that I absolutely love. My top favorite is the Smarty Pits brand of deodorant in the Charcoal and Tea Tree version for sensitive skin. It's by far the best deodorant I've ever used. I don't mean just out of organic or natural deodorants, I mean including standard mainstream non-natural brands. I think this is due to the fact that charcoal is an excellent absorber of smells. I don't sweat much with this deodorant, but even if I sweat a little on a really hot summer day outdoors, I don't have issues with odor, which I was having with other brands such as Tom's of Maine. Smarty Pits is pricey, so I had to think carefully whether to get it, but I'm so glad I got it because the price is well worth it for not smelling of sweat even on a hot day! Plus I'm finding it lasts me a lot longer than mainstream brands like Suave, Secret, etc.

Another favorite is Molly's Suds laundry powder in Peppermint fragrance (there's also an unscented version). It's compact and doesn't take up much space in the laundry room while doing a superb job with the laundry. It comes with a own scoop inside and the peppermint smell is very gentle. It's so nice to see an all-natural powder; so many of those are liquids which tend to be bulkier and heavier.

And finally I've saved countless dollars by getting the Grove Collaborative Stain Remover. You can't get it anywhere else. It is the only stain remover that takes blood out of items completely, so long as you haven't washed the items yet after getting blood on it. If you tend to get nosebleeds easily, you'll definitely save a ton here from not having to buy replacement pillowcases, sheets or washcloths. Simply spray your item with the stain remover before washing, and it's as new. It even comes out of white items without a trace.


Grove Collaborative is a reliable and legitimate seller of organic and natural household products. Besides household cleaning products there are also baby items and self-care products. You can shop either via the VIP subscription program or as a standard shopper. Shipping is free for VIP members, while standard shoppers have to pay a small shipping cost that's well under $5 at the time of writing. They give you two months of VIP before charging you the subscription fee, which is great if you're trying to decide between VIP and regular.

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