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     Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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How to Find A Great Wedding Veil at a Cheap Price Point

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Looking to save on wedding expenses?

Fortunately, it is easy to cut costs on a wedding veil and still keep looking great. Provided the wedding veil matches the color and level of formality of the wedding dress, there is a lot of latitude available as far as the exact look of the veil is concerned. This is because the wedding dress is the focal point of wedding attire, while instead the wedding veil only needs to complement the dress. The wedding guests will be far more focused on the bride and groom than on the wedding veil!

Here are some tips for finding a great wedding veil at cheap price point. No matter which route you choose, always try on the wedding veil with the wedding dress if at all possible. This is to ensure the colors match and that the overall look and length of the wedding veil is appealing when partnered with the dress. A white wedding dress should only be paired with a white veil and an ivory dress only with an ivory veil. For color matching, white veils and wedding dresses do not pose a problem, but slightly different shades of ivory can appear unmatched. However, a close match is still fine. The wedding veil may be slightly lighter, but never darker, than the wedding dress.

1. Find retail alternatives to the made-to-match wedding veil for the dress

Don’t feel pressured into buying the matching wedding veil from the same designer as the dress. These can easily cost upward of $100, making a big dent in the wedding budget for the unwary. Instead, look around at other veils and other bridal stores. The veils at David's Bridal are well worth a look, even if it's from a different designer than your dress. Chances are you will find one that you like just as much or better for a much more budget-friendly price. In particular, try local stores which are having sales; wedding veils can often be marked down proportionally much higher than a dress. Cost: $60-$300

2. Borrow a wedding veil

A recently-married friend (or even a relative who married years ago) may have a wedding veil that they are more than happy to lend you for your special day. This option will leave you plenty of room in your budget! Again, make sure that your dress and the wedding veil are compatible. As a bonus, you will have your ‘something borrowed’ item (according to the traditional wedding rhyme). Cost: Free!

3. Buy an inexpensive veil from a craft store or at Amazon.com

Some craft stores and major discount stores sell inexpensive wedding veils in their wedding section. These are frequently very simple, but will go with many different styles of dress. We love the selection and price point of the veils at Amazon.com Cost: $20-$40

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