How to quickly see which apps or tasks are running on Android WITHOUT using developer settings

Do you want to see what apps are running at any given moment on your Android phone? Most other solutions require you to use developer settings, which are not easy to reverse. Good news here: we have a quick and easy way to find running apps or tasks without needing developer settings.

1. Install AVG AntiVirus Free. This is a good and reputable security app that I use on all my devices. It will let you see which apps are running.

2. Go into the AVG app and open its menu by clicking on the 3 lines (usually at the top left corner).

3. Click on “Task Killer” in the AVG menu as shown in pic below:

How to see which Android apps are running

How to see which Android apps are running

4. Then a list will come up of all the apps and tasks currently running. There you have it. Done, and done!

Note: If you click on any of these apps from within this menu, AVG will force-stop the selected app or task. Unless you know what you’re doing, don’t stop apps this way; instead you can use this list just to view which apps are actually running at any given time. Any apps that you don’t want or that appear to be on unnecessarily, you can just uninstall via the Google Play Store.