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     Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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How to fix it easily when HBO Max has trouble playing on Roku

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Does your Roku struggle to play HBO Max? A common problem is when the Roku will play a trailer but not the movie. If your Roku opens the movie but drops you back into the movie selection screen a second or two into it, rest assured there's a quick fix.

Firstly, do a quick check on another device to see whether HBO Max can open the movie there. If it can do this, rest assured the issue is not your subscription or payment - that's all fine. (If it can't do this, then there's likely a bigger issue at hand so if that's the case, contact HBO Max's customer support).

Assuming your subscription and payment is all set up fine, the issue you're likely experiencing is that HBO Max simply hasn't properly synced your data properly with your Roku. In this case, unplugging and replugging the Roku is still worth a try, but we have a more reliable solution here:

The solution

On your TV screen, using the Roku remote, in the HBO section go to your profile. Then go to settings, it's the gear icon, usually on the bottom left - you may have to hit the left button to get to that menu. Remember, these are the settings in the HBO app on the Roku, not the general Roku settings. Make sure you know your password for your HBO account first! If you don't, we will explain how to handle that below.

Assuming you know your HBO Max password, then in your HBO settings on your Roku, sign out. Then go to your home screen on the Roku, go into the HBO settings again, and sign back in.

All done! That was easy, right?!

You should now be able to watch your movie or show.

If you don't know your HBO Max password

The solution we showed you assumes you know your password for HBO Max. If you don't, there is a way you can reset it, and you can do this on Roku or on your computer or phone. However! Be aware that any password reset process will require you to have access to the email address associated with your HBO Max account. So make sure you know which of your email addresses this is, and also that you can access emails there. It can take up to 15 minutes for a password reset email to come through (it's worth checking spam in case it went there), so plan for a bit of a delay before you can watch your show.

Once you have gone through the password reset process and you know your HBO Max password, then do the solution shown above where you log out and then in to your HBO Max account on your Roku. You should be all set now to watch your movie!

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