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     Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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How to share video from LINE app to WhatsApp, Facebook, text, or any other app

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If you've received a video from friends or family on LINE app and wish to share it elsewhere, you're in the right place. Yes, it's easy to do and you can do it from your phone. You won't need to install any new apps, so don't worry about that.

It's not at first obvious how to do it, so if you've struggled to figure it out you're not alone. Here is our step by step guide:

Step 1: Open the video in the LINE app

Pretty self-explanatory, but you do need to have the video open in your LINE app, so just open it up as if you were to view it again.

Step 2: Tap on the download button (not obvious; see image for this)

See the image below for download button at bottom right of video (we've circled it in red for you), and tap on it. Your video will now download to your phone.

Screenshot of download button for how to share video from line app to elsewhere

Step 3: Go to Gallery and find your LINE movie that you just downloaded

Go to your phone's image gallery, just as you would if you were looking for your images that you store on your phone.

You will see a bunch of different albums, one will be Camera, another might be Movies, etc. The album you're looking for will be called LINE_MOVIE. Look carefully at the names, it's not always easy to spot if you have lots of albums. Tap on the LINE_MOVIE album to open it.

Step 4: Press the share button and share using any app you want!

At this stage you should see the same movie that came from your LINE app in the gallery album as shown in the image below. Don't worry if the movie thumbnail pic may be from a random point in the middle of the video instead of the start of the video, that's OK.

Then press the share button at the top (we've circled it in red) and a menu will come up where it'll give you the option to share with any app of your choice that you have on your phone. This is perfect if you want to share with WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other app. FYI - text message will be one of the options, as will email. Select where you want to share it, and you're done.

screenshot of line movie shown in gallery album with share button circled


  • These instructions have been tested on Android phones; we expect it to work similarly on iPhone.
  • Alternatively, if you prefer to share while already in Facebook, WhatsApp, or others, just complete steps 1 and 2 above using the LINE app. Then open the app you want to share to (Twitter, Facebook, etc) and from inside that app, tap whatever button you normally tap to add video to your post. You'll get an option to select a video from your phone. In that menu, tap on Gallery, then on LINE_VIDEOS and select your LINE video from there.
  • If you choose to share to text message, be aware that many cellphone service providers restrict to a maximum length of video (in my case it's one minute). The restrictions are not so bad in other apps like WhatsApp, but it's an issue if you wish to share a long video via text. In that situation, your text message app will give you the option for trimming your video.


If you've received a video via the LINE app from friends or family, it's surprisingly easy to share this video to other friends or family on Facebook, WhatsApp, text message, or any other app you have on your phone. Above we've shown you an illustrated guide for how to do it.

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