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Shoestring budget? Where to buy cheap cosplay wigs and accessories in the USA

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If you’re just starting out in cosplay or are on a shoestring budget, you know that your wig can make or break your character’s costume. Wigs can cost a whole lot of money, but they don’t need to.

Likewise, accessories are an important part of your character’s look, yet understandably you don’t want to spend lots of money purchasing something custom-made or film-set authentic.

Sure there are a lot of cheap cosplay wigs and accessories from overseas sellers, but if you live in the US, then you’ll want to buy from a company in the USA. Why?

  • What recourse do you have from an overseas seller (e.g. from China) if there’s a problem with the transaction or if you want to make a return?
  • Shipping time is crucial. I’ve ordered items from China before (although not cosplay wigs) and there can be no guarantee it will arrive in time, even if you order well ahead. I’ve had items get hung up at US customs for awhile before moving on, for example.
  • US companies are bound by US laws, giving you an additional layer of safety.

What is a good US company to order from?

If you need cheap cosplay items, I would recommend you go with an affordable costume store like Trendy Halloween (no, they're not just a Halloween store!) or at

Beware: there are some less reputable companies out there who try to make it seem from their website like they’re in the USA when really they’re not.

That’s why I recommend Trendy Halloween: they’re actually in the US, and that’s where the items ship from.

Why Trendy Halloween?

  • You can get pre-styled wigs specific to a certain character, eliminating the need to cut or style. Trendy Halloween has a good basic selection, although nowhere near as wide of a range as you would get at a specialty cosplay store.
  • A good range of accessories available, including some beautiful capes and interesting hats.
  • Cheap price point. Most of the wigs at Trendy Halloween are priced in the $15 – $25 range.
  • Nice low shipping rates – no gimmicks, no fuss. At the time of writing, shipping is free at $50 and up, but with their great low product pricing you probably won’t be spending that much anyway. For orders under $50, they offer cheap flat rate shipping.

The only negative of Trendy Halloween is that the wig material isn’t always detailed in the product information. This is no big deal if you’re simply looking for the cheapest bottom line. However, if you’re seeking a specific wig material, or heat resistance, Trendy Halloween may not be the best site for you, and a more specialty (and expensive) cosplay site would be best. That said, heat resistance only tends to be important if you plan on styling your wig with heat products (e.g. hair iron, blow dryer). If all you want is a pre-styled wig and/or something you can put on, adjust, trim, or pin then you’ll be fine with the offerings at Trendy Halloween. Always assume that a wig is NOT heat-resistant, unless it specifically states otherwise.

If you are looking for a cheap cosplay wig from a reputable company in the USA, then I recommend you check out the wigs at Trendy Halloween (no, they're not just a Halloween store!) or those at

If however you need a fancier quality of wig, heat resistance, or an extremely wide range to pick from, you’ll need to increase your budget and try a more specialty cosplay store.

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