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Soft fitted sheets that won’t break the bank

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Cotton sheets with a high thread count are becoming increasingly popular. The higher the thread count number, the softer the sheets. But this extra softness comes with a correspondingly steeper price tag. If you’re having trouble sleeping, there’s nothing like having a great level of sheet softness in which to relax.

That being said, if all you’re looking for is something basic at a low price point, then 200-thread count cotton sheets at a modest price may be what you need. Be warned: it won’t feel soft though!

Well, the last time I was looking for the most basic design of 400 thread count sheet sets from a major discount retailer, the prices seemed high for what you get. A 400 thread count fitted and flat queen sheet set with two pillowcases can be hard to find for under $40, selling more typically for around $45-$70. Although this is the market rate, it seemed to me a high price to shell out for sheets that did not have the highest softness level. (Note that here we are discussing the price per set, not per sheet.) This led me to pose the question:

“Am I getting the most bang for my buck with 400-count cotton sheets?”

After doing some price comparisons, the answer seems to be:

“Probably not”

Instead, 800 thread count cotton sheet sets (softer than 400-count) might be a better option. This is because they tend to run at about $50- $90 per set: not all that much higher in price than 400-count. So 800 thread count cotton sheets may be the best option for you to get the most softness and comfort for your money.

If you’re wondering where to start if you’re on a tight budget, we recommend getting cotton sheets from Walmart.com as they have a good selection of 100% cotton sheets at various thread counts.

Once you go higher than 800 thread count though, pricing can jump sharply. A big part of this the fact that once you get to a really high level of sheet softness, you’re having to shop in a much fancier department store or in a specialty bedding store.

Prices vary widely, but at the time of press, 1200 thread count sheet set at Macy's and similar department stores were around the $180 – $300 mark: a huge jump up from the 800 count sheet sets. It’s a lot to pay for some super-soft sheets.

This finding then got me to wondering if there were other natural fibers that would give me softer sheets. Synthetic blends can give the feeling of added softness at a very cheap price point, but if an all-natural sheet set is what you’re after, synthetics won’t fit the bill.

Silk sheets

Silk sheets are another option for those wanting very soft all-natural sheets. I started looking into silk bedding. Silk is particularly soft, but rather pricey.

The good news: the exclusive LilySilk Mulberry Silk Bedding company has an offer: Free Shipping Site Wide for Orders Over $50! Gorgeous Silk Sheet, Silk Bedding Set, Silk Duvet & Pillows, Silk Pillowcase and Silk Sleepwear!

Now this could be handy if you’re looking to splurge! If you’re the exhausted parent of young kids (or even if not), you could probably use some pampering.

LilySilk sells 100% pure silk products. If you are health-conscious or eco-conscious, you’ll be pleased to know that all their products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, an international textile standard showing they have no harmful chemicals. If you’re considering buying new sheets anyway, this could be a great time to look into silk sheets.

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