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The man's guide to thank you notes

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If you were sent a gift from someone, for example tickets to a basketball game, it is courtesy to send a thank you note. For some men, thank you notes are not always fun to write. However, it should be done and as a bonus, thank you notes do give a very positive impression of you to the sender of the gift. This guide is designed for men of any age.

Thank you notes are straightforward

There are only 3 rules:

  1. That you send one
  2. That the note is hand-written
  3. That it is timely (this guide strongly recommends you do it within a week of receiving the gift, to avoid forgetting altogether). A late thank you note, however many months late, is still a lot better than none at all.

What should you write in a thank you note?

Don’t worry about making the note long. The recipient of the note is hardly going to expect a lengthy epistle from someone who is known to be a man of few words in real life! Two or three sentences is plenty for anyone.

A time-tested easy formula for thank you notes

a) Thank the person for the gift, b) make a comment about how you plan to use it, and c) close by thanking them again in different words.

Examples of thank you notes using the above formula

These examples are expressly made for gifts that might be a bit difficult to say how you plan to use them. Odds are you will receive an easier-to-write-for gift than one of these!

Dear Cousin Thelma,
Thank you for the Christmas present. What a surprise to receive smiley face socks! I plan to wear these to brighten rainy weekends at home. Thank you again for this gift.
Dear Uncle Alex,
Thank you for the little statue you sent from your travels in Morocco. I have put it on display in my guest room, where it will look good and also be a great conversation piece for guests. Thank you again.

For thank you notes for cash gifts, if you have something specific you plan to use it for, it is great to put this in the thank you note. If you don’t have anything specific, then instead say that it will be very helpful to you.

Dear Uncle Eric,
Thank you for the generous cash gift you gave me for high school graduation. I plan to put this toward my upcoming college expenses. Thank you again. I really appreciate you thinking of me.

Finding manly stationery for thank you notes

Finding masculine notecards is not always easy, but rest assured they are out there. When you find them, aim to purchase one or two packs that you can keep on hand for future thank you notes.

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