Gamer’s top guide to best computer or console games for women

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Top Computer Games Women Like and Why

If you are a gamer and are trying to bring the worlds of computer games and women together, look no further. Here are some great games that women are likely to enjoy.

Note: To keep things simple, the name of each game but not the latest version number is shown.

1. Tropico

The number one game we recommend is Tropico. Why women like Tropico:

a) The control aspect of running an entire country starting from scratch, including keeping your people happy and keeping good diplomatic relationships with other countries.

b) Easy to learn – no learning curve, unlike some of the more complex-to-master Civ-like games. Yet Tropico is still intellectually complex enough to grab your woman’s attention – she can translate her ideas into action quickly and easily without having to figure out lots of buttons and menus.

c) There isn’t any war or direct fighting. You can automatically lose if other countries hate you enough to invade you, but there’s no actual war like there is in Civ and similar games. You win by achieving economic goals and by managing to stay elected as El Presidente!

d) The background is upbeat tropical music (sounds like a fun party while you’re playing!) – women love the ambiance.

e) There are specific goals to be met for each episode in order to win, so there is no confusion over how to win.

Available on Steam, XBox360, PS4, Mac/Linux, and PC DVD-ROM.

2. The Sims

Why women like The Sims – PC/Mac:

a) The look of the character is strongly customizable, including hairstyle and clothes (this is a much more strongly weighted factor in a woman’s mind than the average gamer might realize)

b) Ability to customize the house

c) Fun to learn; very different concept to many other computer games

3. Heroes of Might and Magic

Why women like Heroes of Might and Magic:

a) Hot Seat capability.

b) Fun board with bright colors and unexpected ways of getting from A to B (e.g. portals and underground tunnels).

c) Easy to learn (but battles are best kept automated at first).

This is an older game, but it’s easy to learn because of that. The only downside is that there isn’t a version after the Windows 8 one (or at least, none that I could find).

4. On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Parts 1 or 2 (Penny Arcade Games; a series of 4 separate games).

Why women like On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness parts 1 & 2:

a) It looks like a comic strip, making it appear friendlier.

b) Lots of humor; the least serious computer game featured here.

c) Easy to learn, but some women may need assistance or advice in combat at first.

Available on Steam.

Note: Part 3 is very different to Part 1 and 2. Part 3 lacks the comic-strip appeal, lacks a lot of the humor and is similar to a low-res old-style Nintendo game. This is why only parts 1 and 2 are recommended for women by this article, unless of course she already enjoys Nintendo-style games.

Games to avoid

On the opposite end of the spectrum, avoid real-time combat and first-person shooter games. Generally, women don’t like battle strategy (too complex) or first person shooter (too violent and personal). Examples of such computer games which are unattractive to women are: Call of Duty, Starcraft, Total War: Warhammer, Grand Theft Auto, Fallout.

Consider the personality of the woman

Now, this article is not suggesting you run out and buy all the top computer games listed here (besides, you may have usable old versions of these already!) Choose according to the personality of the woman. Some games will simply appeal more to one woman than another. For example, if your woman reads home decorating and fashion magazines, she might like The Sims. If she enjoys planning things, she may prefer Tropico. If she enjoys a good laugh, try the Penny Arcade games. Just put a few minutes of thought into which game best matches the personality and interests of your woman!