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Best places for classy yet affordable handbags under $100

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Finding a classy handbag is not always easy. Fortunately, it needn't break the bank. Here are the best places for quality handbags under $100.

First we'll take a look at the advantages of affordable handbags - it's a lot more than you'd think besides just a cheaper handbag!

5 Reasons affordable handbags give you an advantage

1. You can get elegant high quality handbags for under $100

You work hard for your money, so there's no need to spend many hundreds of dollars for a handbag when there are so many beautiful yet much more affordable styles. The good news is that the under $100 price point is a "sweet spot" - you've got lots of options to pick from that are still high quality, classy and elegant.

2. You get a beautiful bag without needing to pay for the fact of a particular brand name

Once you go above $100, you're starting to pay for things like the brand name without actually paying for an increase in the look or quality.

3. Even the most high end handbags will eventually give in to normal wear and tear

Another reason to be cautious about how much you spend is this: No matter how much or how little you spend, your handbag will eventually give in to natural wear and tear. It will at some point down the track look worn or old. There's nothing you can do about that! It's all part of owning and using a handbag.

The point is, since you'll have to replace it eventually anyway, there's no need to spend lots of money on it. And don't fall into the trap of buying an expensive handbag and then never using it because you don't want it to get damaged! The whole point of a handbag is that you use it.

4. You really do need multiple handbags to co-ordinate with your outfits - it'll add up fast if buying designer bags

There are usually two reasons why any woman would use a handbag:

  • As a place to store car keys, wallet, etc while out and about
  • For fashion reasons, as part of the outfit of the day

Most women will use it to fulfill both purposes simultaneously. For this reason, you have probably noticed that just one or two handbags aren't enough when it comes to co-ordinating your outfits. As with shoes, you'll want to have different handbags depending on what outfit you're wearing and what type of occasion you're attending. So if you were to spend hundreds of dollars on each handbag, it adds up rather horrifically when multiplied across the number of handbags you wish to own!

5. Styles go out of fashion after awhile - even for designer handbags

The other reason it's worth watching how much you spend on handbags is that eventually the style may look dated, even if the handbag itself is in great condition. No matter how careful you are, you can't necessarily predict the fashion trends of 2 years from now. And it's much easier to be in style when you can afford to get a new bag for a new season. Don't invest so much money into a handbag that you feel stuck with it!

Where to get classy handbags for under $100

The good news is that there are many places where you can get a great quality handbag for well under $100. You can be assured of being confident and making an excellent impression with a classy handbag. And it's even more fun when you know you're not breaking the bank.

Here are the best reputable places to buy handbags on sale online:

TJ Maxx

The number one reliable and reputable place for designer handbags on clearance is TJ Maxx. TJ Maxx gets their stock from manufacturers and retail stores who have excess stock that they need to get rid of (to make room for other things) and they sell to TJ Maxx for incredibly cheap. TJ Maxx passes these savings along to you.

They have lots of different styles available online, from crossbody bags to shoulder bags and more. If you want to get cheap handbags from well-known brands, this is the number one place to start.


Similar in concept to TJ Maxx, Belk is another well-known clearance store which sells excess inventory from manufacturers and retailers.

The prices at Belk tend to be a little higher than the ones at TJ Maxx though, but then on the other hand they tend to have more sales and discounts on certain items. So there's always a chance that the item you love might be deeply discounted. Also, inventory between both tends to be quite different, so it's worth shopping around to find what you like.


Marshalls is another popular clearance store which offers wonderfully low price points on handbags. It's a great place for women's bags online, and you'll love how much you save.

While Marshalls tends to be the lowest priced option on this page, the only downside is that they don't always have quite as many different bags and styles as TJ Maxx or Belk. But if you can find what you want at Marshalls, you won't regret shopping there!


Well-known department store Macy's has quite a lot of good quality handbags under $100. It'll be more expensive than the other stores mentioned above, but you still have a ton of selection in your price range just because they stock such a big range.

Therefore if the brand isn't as important to you as the style, you'll easily be able to find classy (but not luxury brand) hand bags online at Macy's at under $100 - they have a huge selection.

JC Penney

JC Penney is another department store, it's kind of like a more affordable version of Macy's. If you're looking for great online deals on handbags, it's definitely worth checking out.

I particularly like that JC Penney often runs sales so you rarely have to pay full price.

Honorable mentions

The places I mentioned above tend to be quite popular, but if you're looking for something that fellow shoppers are not likely to think of as their first option, I have a couple of final suggestions.

First is DSW. While it's primarily a shoe store, they have in incredible range of handbags online - much more than they have in-store. Pricing is very low and they stock a range of brands and styles, from everyday to evening. In particular, if you're looking for something tricky to match (e.g. you need an evening bag in a less common color) DSW is the perfect choice.

Zappos is a great website for handbags - they sell other clothing and accessories too, but they have plenty of handbags. Although some bags are pricey, rest assured they have lots of well-known brands at $100 and less. I love the range of looks too: whether you want a statement piece or something more middle-of-the-road, you have a lot of options available to you at Zappos.


If you know where to look, you have many options for getting great quality handbags for under $100. The places listed above are the ones we recommend for this, since the quality is high. No-one looking at your bag will ever know you got it at a cheaper than usual price point. You work hard, so let your money pay off with a great bag at an affordable price.

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