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Best places for handbags under $100

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Finding a great handbag is not always easy. Fortunately, it needn't break the bank. Here are the best places for handbags under $100.

Why it's important to get an affordable handbag

You work hard for your money, so there's no need to spend many hundreds of dollars for a handbag when there are so many great yet much more affordable styles. The good news is that the under $100 price point is a "sweet spot" - you've got lots of options to pick from that are still high quality and elegant.

By contrast, once you go above $100, you're starting to pay for things like the brand name without actually paying for an increase in the look or quality.

Another reason to be cautious about how much you spend is this: No matter how much or how little you spend, your handbag will eventually give in to natural wear and tear. It will at some point down the track look worn or old. There's nothing you can do about that! It's all part of owning and using a handbag. The point is, since you'll have to replace it eventually anyway, there's no need to spend lots of money on it. And don't fall into the trap of buying an expensive handbag and then never using it because you don't want it to get damaged! The whole point of a handbag is that you use it.

There are usually two reasons why a woman will use a handbag:

  • As a place to store car keys, wallet, etc while out and about
  • For fashion reasons, as part of the outfit of the day

Most women will use it to fulfil both purposes simultaneously. For this reason, you have probably noticed that just one or two handbags aren't enough when it comes to co-ordinating your outfits. As with shoes, you'll want to have different handbags depending on what outfit you're wearing and what type of occasion you're attending. So if you were to spend hundreds of dollars on each handbag, it adds up rather horrifically when multiplied across the number of handbags you wish to own!

The other reason it's worth watching how much you spend on handbags is that eventually the style may look dated, even if the handbag itself is in great condition. No matter how careful you are, you can't necessarily predict the fashion trends of 2 years from now. And it's much easier to be in style when you can afford to get a new bag for a new season. Don't invest so much money into a handbag that you feel stuck with it!

Where to get handbags for under $100

The good news is that there are many places where you can get a great quality, great-looking handbag for well under $100. You can be assured of being confident and making an excellent impression with a good looking handbag. And it's even more fun when you know you're not breaking the bank.

Here are our top recommended places:

Burlington Coat Factory

More than just outerwear, Burlington Coat Factory stocks plenty of handbags from great brands, many of them available at less than standard retail pricing. They have a section for leather bags under $100.

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx sells excess inventory from manufacturers and passes on the savings to you, making it a great place to get cheap brand-name handbags. What we love about TJ Maxx is that for each handbag, their website shows how it would look to scale on a woman who is wearing it. This allows you to get an idea of its size at a glance.


eBags specializes in handbags. We've bought there before and it's a legitimate and reliable online retailer. Similar to Burlington, eBags also has a special section for leather handbags $100 and under.


Overstock buys up excess stock from retail stores and manufacturers and sells it on to you at low prices. They have a section just for designer handbags which is well worth taking a look at since the discounts can be so deep. You won't always find as much that's under $100 compared to the other stores above, but when you do find those items at Overstock they're a really good deal.


If you know where to look, you have many options for getting great quality handbags for under $100. The places listed above are the ones we recommend for this, since the quality is high. No-one looking at your bag will ever know you got it at a cheaper than usual price point.

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