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Best dinner party playlists

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Group of friends at an outdoor dinner party

Having background music at your dinner party or gathering is a wonderful way to add to the ambiance. If you are having a particular theme, the music is also the perfect way to carry the theme through. Here are the best dinner party playlists for different themes and styles of dinner party.

All the music mentioned here is available in the standard digital MP3 format from Amazon.com which you can use on any of your devices. This is what I love about digital music from Amazon - you can move it to your phone, tablet, or USB drive and play it on your speakers from there.

Dinner party jazz playlist

If you're looking for an MP3 jazz playlist that's sophisticated yet not intrusive, go for Dinner Party Jazz: A Delicious Collection of Instrumental Jazz for Entertaining on Amazon.com. The reason I recommend it is that it's easy to listen to and stays nicely in the background, allowing conversation to happen naturally without the music interrupting. All of the tracks are amazing, there are none that you'll be cringing at when it comes on!

The album has got enough energy to keep things upbeat and keep a positive mood at your party while still preserving that je ne sais quois that you'll want to portray. If you don't know which playlist to select from this page, this is the one I'd recommend - it's good for any style of gathering and will never sound out of place.

Classical music playlists for a dinner party

Classical music can be tricky to match to a dinner party - certain sub-genres can have sudden stops and abrupt changes in volume which are not conducive to conversation or to having the music be a background accompaniment to your event. Rest assured that I've carefully vetted these playlists for you. I listen to a lot of classical music and I'm only recommending things that will work beautifully as background to a meal.

I narrowed my list down to just two classical playlists for dinner parties - they're equally good but in different ways, which I'll explain here. You can't go wrong with either one of these, so if you can't decide don't stress, just go for one!

A classical playlist timed especially for a dinner party

The Dinner Classics Volume 2 album on Amazon.com is wonderfully designed to proceed in the same order that your dinner party does. It starts with pieces designed to be listened to while having the starter or aperitif - these tunes have a consistent smooth and even tempo which gets your party off to an upbeat start. The next section of pieces, which follow on automatically, are for the main course. These are Mozart orchestral pieces which give a rich yet still friendly and convivial atmosphere - perfect for plenty of talking and laughing. Lastly, the dessert music has a much slower tempo, which also has the effect of naturally winding down the evening without giving your guests the feeling of an sudden and surprising end to the evening.

A more formal classical dinner party playlist

If you want something a touch more formal and a little more of an even speed throughout the meal but still not too slow or too fast, then you should select this Classical Dinner Party Music album instead, also on Amazon.

These pieces are incredibly carefully selected - the album's author has carefully avoided some similar tunes that a less experienced hand would have put in but that would not have been ideal at a meal. For example, the Brandenburg Concerto no. 1 by Bach is in there, but not No. 2 which has a slightly more up-and-down feel to it (that would be less appropriate for a meal). This MP3 is slightly more expensive than the previous one, but worth every penny if you're arranging something a little more formal. This is ideal for a formal reception, awards dinner, wedding dinner, or even if you're hosting a less formal event at your home where you want some slightly different music.

As an added bonus, much of this music is also perfect as background music to concentrate with while working, or to have while driving, so you'll definitely get plenty of use out of it besides your party! You're definitely in safe hands with this album, even if you're not a connoisseur of classical music and your guests are.

Italian dinner party playlist

If you are serving Italian food at your dinner party then do the full Italian theme using this Music For An Italian Dinner Party MP3 album on Amazon. This one has some laid-back music that will make you feel like you are in a trattoria in Italy. Let your guest enjoy! and relax! and appreciate wonderful Italian food and an atmosphere of camaraderie.

Latin American dinner party playlist

If you are having Latin American inspired food, or you just want to create a warm and relaxed mood, you'll want this sexy Latin dinner party playlist at Amazon.com. It has lots of classical and Latin guitar music, giving a sense of enjoyment and intimacy.

This music works well with Brazilian food, Cuban dishes, a Mexican themed get-together, or just when you want to try music that's off the beaten path. This MP3 album is also a great choice for something where it's just the two of you, for example if you're fixing dinner at your place for a date night.

Backyard grill or beach party playlist

If you're having a chill, fun get-together with some steaks, hot dogs and burgers on the grill... some beers... or a casual beach get-together, you'll love the fun vibes from the Beach bar Lounge album at Amazon. This album manages to miraculously pull together a casual, upbeat yet sophisticated sound.

This music is the reminder your friends will appreciate to kick back, relax and enjoy.

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