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This is a categorized directory of sites which have featured on our "featured site" ticker previously. Take a look and check them out!

Gaming and entertainment

Solitaire With Cards

Looking for a fun free online game? Play solitaire games online at Solitaire With Cards - it works equally well on mobile and desktop. No signups required, no apps to download, just dive instantly into a fresh new solitaire game any time and enjoy.

This game is perfect when you need to fill in time or just for a pleasant distraction. It's the ideal way to keep your brain active even during your leisure time, yet the game is still relaxing and uncomplicated enough that it feels fun and easy.

The layout of the site is well-designed and the card colors are crisp and high-contrast, making it easy on the eye - no straining to see.

If you're a competitive person and wish to out-do yourself every time, Solitaire With Cards has a timer that re-starts each game. The game also keeps track of the number of moves you do each time. So there's plenty to keep you motivated to improve. It also features an undo button which is helpful if you make a sub-optimal move.

To sum up, this game is as relaxing or as competitive as you want it to be - it's up to you. Whether you're looking to fill in just a little bit of spare time by playing just one game, or whether you're looking to settle in for several games in a row, we highly recommend this online solitaire game.

Health and beauty

Japanese vegan bar soap for acne

Enjoy beautiful clear skin naturally when you use the best Japanese vegan bar soap for acne from EDOBIO. This exquisite all-natural soap is made from charcoal and lactic acid bacteria to create a refreshing foam that will cleanse your pores. The charcoal comes from a blend of wood and bamboo charcoal, which besides being eco-friendly, also provides a lovely smooth texture. Charcoal is well-known for its properties of absorbing impurities, and this is what helps clear up any skin imperfections. The foaming nature of this luxurious yet natural soap also whisks away the dirt of everyday living and oiliness, both of which contribute to acne.

It's wonderful to know that this beautiful product is vegan and pure. You'll get to benefit from EDOBIO's proprietary ingredient that it contains; a plant-based moisturizer called BiProGE lactic acid bacteria, and this ingredient carries out the job of refining your skin after cleaning. It also ensures your skin is properly moisturized instead of tightening and drying out after washing your face. It's made in Japan, which has some of the highest skincare product regulations in the world.

This is the best Japanese vegan bar soap for anyone with acne, blackheads, or sensitive skin. It's also ideal for anyone who just wants to have the best possible skin they can have - it's a luxurious all-natural skincare product, so treat your skin to this!

Job seekers

Chain Healthcare Staffing

Chain Healthcare Staffing logo

Chain Healthcare Staffing brings together healthcare facilities and job seekers in and around the Philadelphia, PA area to provide temporary staffing solutions. What makes them stand out is that they are a boutique agency with a personal touch that provides the right match carefully yet quickly. This goes beyond hospitals: Chain Healthcare Staffing specializes in providing staffing for long term care facilities, skilled care facilities, and assisted living facilities. They match LPNs, RNs, and CNAs with facilities, so this staffing solution provides peace of mind for facilities and for job seekers. You may apply on the site as either a job seeker or a facility.

Any healthcare facility which finds themselves needing qualified staff for any upcoming shift should take a look at Chain Healthcare Staffing - it truly is the perfect match. If a facility needs a more personalized or tailored solution, Chain Healthcare Staffing can handle that - it's one of the advantages you get from them being a boutique staffing agency; they can handle custom solutions. The owners have years of experience in the healthcare and education fields, and they truly understand the challenges of nursing, so rest assured you're going to get your best fit for your facility.

For job seekers who are LPNs, RNs or CNAs, it makes your job search quick and simple. Whether you're newer to the field or have lots of experience and are looking for a change, it's well worth registering at Chain Healthcare Staffing. Or maybe you recently moved to the Philadelphia PA area and need to get started quickly - this is the perfect solution for you!

The bottom line: if you're in the healthcare field in the Philadelphia, PA area, whether you're a facility or a job seeker, make sure you bookmark Chain Healthcare Staffing now. You don't want to hunt around frantically at the last minute trying to find your match. Relax and let them handle it for you!



Dune - memes, research, news, music, events and a cozy forum

At Dune we like to present you with funny IT related memes and the option to share one, we want to give you an opportunity to share your research about anything and get it posted on a nice website. But that is not all of it, we offer promotion options for artists and events and also do interviews with your artists in our news section! If you want to reach a mainly Dutch/EU crowd mixed with fun Americans you should visit us as well! We are the FlipFall of Dutch underground music! And oh yeah we are always looking for volunteers and are offering them!


new eBook called declutterprogram Reduce Clutter in Your Home: Simplifying Your Home, Energizing Your Life, Invigorating Your Spirit.


JotSplash logophone and tablet wallpapers


Free bitcoin faucet

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor, take a look at this free bitcoin faucet. There is additional valuable information there too besides getting free bitcoin - you can also find out about other easy things you can do to earn crypto passively.

If you like crypto, but you don't want to spend all day in front of the computer doing hands-on work, you should check this out. This resource covers different types of cryptocurrency in addition to bitcoin, so you're certain to find something you like. If you're looking for new crypto ideas, this is the place for you.

Those who already have plenty of experience will enjoy having these deals curated in one place to refer back to, while those who are new to crypto will find the information to be a good starting place. You can try out as many or as few of these things as you like - the choice is yours.

Make sure you don't miss out on hearing about these neat deals! With bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies quickly gaining more and more attention worldwide, this is a neat opportunity for you to be in the know and get in on the action.

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