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Free Easy Knitting Patterns for Beginners

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

Here are free simple knitting patterns. These projects are quick and easy so you can produce a finished item fast.

Especially selected as best for the beginner or those seeking a break between more complex creations, the projects listed below are knitted on straight needles (as opposed to the more difficult circular or double-pointed).

1. Men’s, Women’s or Child’s Hat

A knitted hat is always welcome for winter! Even the larger men’s version of the hat is simple and fast for even a beginner to accomplish in this free pattern from Red Heart at

2. Hair scrunchie

Switch up your hair scrunchie with a knitted version! This knitted scrunchie from is easy and fun to make - plus, you can use it right away, no matter what the season.

3. Christmas Tree Decoration

A lovely memento of your knitting journey, a Christmas tree decoration is a simple easy project which can inspire you year after year. It also makes a nice gift for a loved one. Try this beautiful knitted Christmas bell pattern from Free Vintage Knitting.

4. Stylish & fun pincushion

A knitted pincushion is a fast easy project. Use it to keep your small knitting supplies in one place, such as yarn sewing needles and stitch holders. Or make it as a gift for a friend who sews. Either way, you’re guaranteed to love this free no-calorie knitted cupcake pincushion pattern from The Stitch Sharer.

5. Baby Booties

Parents get a lot more mileage from booties designed for an older active baby than a swaddled newborn. Large knitted booties are a real sanity-saver for parents of a not-yet-walking baby, in order to keep baby’s feet warm when out and about. Booties are easier than shoes to put on and harder for baby to kick off! Knit this Baby Through Toddler Booties pattern at Bev’s Country Cottage. This makes an ideal baby shower gift, and the pattern is free and simple to make.

6. Coffee cozies

Personalize your travel mug with a knitted cozy! This is a beautiful and sustainable alternative to a cardboard sleeve. Also, this coffee cozy pattern by pattymacmakes is one of the easiest projects listed here. You can make them in horizontal stripes, or one color, however you want.

Projects to avoid if you want to be finished fast

Unless you’re very patient, it’s best to avoid attempting a large scarf or baby blanket if you’re looking for a fast project. Although it’s true that scarves and blankets are very simple knitting patterns, they actually take a surprisingly long time. If you want to be finished fast, you may give up before the project is finished! I’m not suggesting you never make a scarf or blanket; only consider knitting these if you don’t mind it taking a while, or if you can find a pattern that uses a large size of needle so it'll go faster.

Help! I don’t know which one to make!

If you wish to make one of the clothing or accessory projects above but don’t have a particular recipient in mind, consider donating your finished knitted piece to an appropriate local charity (for example, a pregnancy help center for the baby booties). You’ll get a great sense of satisfaction knowing that your handcraft helped someone in need – but take a photo of it first so that you’ll be able to “see” it time and again!


Knitting lets you create what you want in the colors you want. Completing a handcrafted project is an immense confidence booster that will leave you hungry for more, no matter what skill level. The free simple knitting patterns here have been selected as best for beginners or for the advanced knitter seeking an easy project. Pick out your yarn and enjoy!

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