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How to find your Amazon.co.uk reviews [with pics] - UK edition

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If you want to find your reviews on Amazon.co.uk, you're in the correct place! Here is an easy step by step guide for how to do that. While there is no straightforward button saying "My reviews", rest assured you can get to the correct spot in 3 easy steps. This guide is for people using the UK version of Amazon (if you're in the US, don't worry, we have a separate guide for the US).

This tutorial is for a laptop or desktop computer, but the general idea will be similar on phone or tablet.

Step 1

Log into your account at Amazon.co.uk.

Step 2

In the top menu, go to "Account & Lists" and then "Your Account" as shown in the image below.

Screenshot of Amazon.co.uk top menu - How to find your Amazon.co.uk reviews

Once you've done that, you should arrive at a screen that looks like the one below; you'll need to scroll down a bit. Look for the box labeled "Ordering and shopping preferences", then click on "Profile" as circled in red below:

Screenshot of Amazon.co.uk account - how to find your Amazon reviews

Step 3

After clicking on "Profile" as shown above, you should see a screen like the one below. Scroll down to "Community Activity" as circled in red below. Your Amazon reviews are shown there.

Your profile on Amazon.co.uk - How to find your reviews on Amazon UK

That's all there is to it!

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