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Occasions to Wear Ballet Slippers if you are Not a Dancer

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Ballet slippers

Love the look of ballet shoes but have never had ballet training? You can still wear ballet slippers on certain occasions!

General tips on wearing ballet slippers for the non-dancer

Make sure you only wear soft ballet shoes (also called ballet slippers; readily available at dance stores). Never wear pointe shoes unless you are a trained dancer because you can damage your feet by wearing these. Furthermore, pointe shoes are difficult to walk in and make a very loud “clopping” sound on hard wood floors! In contrast, ballet slippers are comfortable, are easy to walk in elegantly and the supple leather makes this footwear easier on the foot than ordinary shoes.

Give some thought to hosiery – ballet slippers simply don’t look their best on bare skin. Try pink ballet tights, or white or pale pink regular hosiery if available. Think about how to best keep the ballet slipper on for the occasion; if it is a snug fit the ballet slipper may do fine as is, otherwise an elastic across the arch of the foot may be needed. Alternatively ballet ribbons can be used for this purpose, but be aware it would be a rather bold statement for the non-dancer.

Occasion 1: Ballet slippers as part of a Halloween costume

Why not start with the footwear when it comes to Halloween costumes? Ballet slippers can be worn with:

  • A ballet or dance costume (leotard and sheer long or short skirt)
  • A fairy costume
  • Angel costume
  • A princess costume.

Woman in long costume dress

Occasion 2: Ballet slippers on your wedding day

Ballet slippers are perfectly acceptable as bridal footwear. As an added bonus, unlike heels, ballet slippers are very comfortable for this exciting but long day spent on one’s feet. If desired, the bridesmaids and flower girls can also wear ballet slippers to harmonize with your theme – and they will also be sure to appreciate the comfort!

Bride in wedding dress

Occasion 3: Ballet slippers worn around the house

If you are looking for an alternative to wearing ordinary slippers around the house, ballet slippers are perfect! They are made of breathable leather and have a supple, comfortable sole. It’s a great way to add a touch of ballet to your day!

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