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Bloons TD6 How to win with magic monkeys only - includes MOAB strategy

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

Screenshot of Bloons TD6 screen with magic monkeys only

Bloons TD6 offers plenty of awesome challenges and levels. One of the more difficult of these is completing a map on magic monkeys only. Each map offers different classes of challenges under the Easy, Medium or Hard levels. On the Hard level, beating the map using only magic monkeys contains some unique difficulties. In particular, solving the MOAB problem using only magic monkeys is quite a bit harder than doing it with primary, military, or support monkeys.

Rest assured it is easily possible to do before the first MOAB shows up - without resorting to insta-monkeys, powers or heroes.

MOAB strategy when using only magic monkeys

You're not facing a lack of options to defeat MOABs in magic monkeys, the problem is that most of these are so expensive that it's hard to save up enough money before the first MOAB appears on round 40. Rest assured there is a solution!

The most convenient way to be ready for MOABs by round 40 is to use 2 monkeys placed near each other towards the start so they can hit the same MOAB together: a wizard and a super monkey. When you have the wizard upgraded to 3-0-0 (arcane mastery) and use a super monkey of 0-0-0 (not upgraded) these can defeat a MOAB so long as your super monkey has enough range. In other words, you don't want to place the super monkey so close to the start that you cut off its radius of attack.

Also, if these two monkeys are distracted by other balloons they won't be easily able to kill MOAB's and you'll need to rely on extra hits from other towers down the line. There are a couple of strategies to avoid this problem that are shown further down the page.

This combo of upgraded wizard and super monkey is much easier to afford at the start than some of the other options to kill MOABs with magic monkeys. None of the upgrades needed cost a whole lot of money at once, making it easier to save up bit by bit before round 40.

After the first MOAB on round 40, you'll still need to upgrade your two MOAB-killing monkeys further to handle subsequent MOABs. This is because in future you'll get two MOABs close together, as well as larger MOAB class balloons. Ideally you'd want your wizard upgraded to at least 4-0-0 (I prefer 4-0-2) and your super monkey to at least 0-0-3. Again, these further upgrades don't need to happen until awhile after round 40, and by then you should easily be making enough money (yes, even without a banana farm) to do these upgrades.

How to make sure your MOAB-killing combo is not distracted by other balloons

Here are 2 of the easiest ways to let your MOAB killers eliminate those MOABs without getting distracted by hitting other balloons.

Change the targeting of your MOAB killers to "Strong"

Changing the targeting is 100% free and is the easiest way to ensure your wizard and super monkey will focus on the MOABs and not the other balloons. Click on your monkey and use the arrows to change targeting from the default of "First" to "Strong". The screenshot below shows you where to do this.

Screenshot of Bloons 6 TD showing detail of wizard and how to change the targeting

Use a druid upgraded to at least 0-3-0

The 0-3-0 Druid (Druid of The Jungle) can be placed anywhere on the map and will put out a small set of thorns where needed (often at the start). The other balloons will pop before the MOAB. It's a great way to ensure your MOAB killing combo does not get distracted by the other balloons that often go along with them at the beginning of the map.

This druid is very effective at killing balloons at the start regardless of where it is placed on the map. This action at a distance makes the druid very advantageous for you.

Other tips for how to win at Bloons 6 TD with magic monkeys only

Popping camo lead

You'll also need a way of popping camo lead balloons. I prefer using a wizard with camo detection and fireball, in other words a 0-1-2 or higher.

Add another MOAB option with the ninja monkey

As you approach higher rounds beyond the first MOAB at round 40, you'll probably want an additional way of killing MOABs. For this I recommend the ninja monkey upgraded to 0-0-4 (Sticky Bomb) or above. This is very good at killing MOAB's, but quite expensive to achieve, so I recommend waiting until after round 40 to get this done because you likely won't have enough money before round 40.

But you may find you're fine with just the original wizard and super monkey combo for all the MOABs depending on how many upgrades you did on them.

Making money in Bloons 6 TD with magic monkeys only

Making money isn't too difficult even though you don't have the ability to use a banana farm. I typically don't bother making extra money when using magic monkeys only, especially on the beginner maps. Here are your options if you want to make a bit of extra money though:

  • Use an 0-4-0 druid (Jungle's Bounty) - it generates income via an ability. You do have to hit the banana symbol in your abilities for the money to be collected, it's not automatic, and it has a long-ish cool down time. That said, you can earn quite a bit this way, especially if you have more than 1 druid.
  • Use an alchemist upgraded to 0-0-4 (Rubber to Gold). The upgrade on the way to that (Lead to Gold) also allows you to earn money from lead balloons, but they're not as frequent as rubber balloons.

Note that all of the strategies on this page were tested on Bloons TD 6 version 38 - it's possible that future version of Bloons TD 6 may differ slightly.


It's easier than you think to win at Bloons TD 6 using magic monkeys only. Simply use a 3-0-0 magic monkey and a 0-0-0 super monkey to kill the first MOAB. Then upgrade these gradually over time to kill more MOABs. Additional helpful strategies for handling other types of balloons and making money are described above. Soon you'll look forward to the magic monkey only challenges instead of dreading them!

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