Book review: The Big Sheep by Robert Kroese

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If you love the writing style of Golden Age science fiction but hate the dated-ness of it, then The Big Sheep by Robert Kroese might be the perfect pick for your reading list.

Published in 2016 and set in 2039, I can guarantee this book won’t feel dated to you. What’ll grab you most is the humor – it has a very funny take on things – and of course the plot. A thought-provoking scientific plot combined with some good LOL humor is a wonderful combination. As a fan myself of Golden Age science fiction writing style, I really loved The Big Sheep.

Its basic plot premise is that a really big sheep goes missing from a pharmaceutical research laboratory. Private investigator Erasmus Keane is hired to locate the missing sheep. In the meantime, unusual and confusing things have been happening to television actress Priya Mistry. What happens with these seemingly unrelated cases takes us on a seat-of-your-pants adventure with suspense, conspiracy, and of course laughter.

I highly recommend The Big Sheep by Robert Kroese to all science fiction fans. In particular, if you love Golden Age science fiction, this is a modern and improved take on that age.

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