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Book Review: Where the Truth Lies by Jessica Warman

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“Where the truth lies” by Jessica Warman. First published 2010 by Walker & Company.

Available in Kindle and paperback.

Seventeen year old Emily Meckler is having recurring nightmares. Why? Nothing bad seems to have happened in her life. She has wonderful parents and many great friends at the boarding school she attends. Yet… is everything as it seems? With the arrival of a new boy at her school, her life starts getting complicated. How does Emily deal with the new problems that come her way when everything she begins to uncover about her past seems to make less sense?

This captivating teen novel draws the reader in right from the start and does not let go. The fast-moving plot makes this book almost impossible to put down. Although not a mystery story as such, the plot has so many twists and turns that even fully grown mystery readers will thoroughly enjoy this young adult novel.

Apart from being a thoroughly gripping read, “Where the Truth Lies” deals with some very big teen issues. The main character, Emily Meckler, goes through a lot during the course of this book. A plot like this might seem overdone in the hands of another writer but is adeptly managed by Jessica Warman, and indeed the masterfully written ending keeps the book believable. During the course of the book Emily Meckler’s character grows and changes from an accepting, eager-to-please person to someone who thinks about and challenges what she hears. After reading the book, the title “Where the truth lies” is especially appropriate and speaks volumes for this novel.

Who will like this young adult novel?

The main character will resonate most with teen girls. This book is set in a dual-gender boarding school, so teen boys may also enjoy this book. The teen issues brought up in the book are very mature ones, so fully grown adults will also find appeal in this novel (especially mystery fans as mentioned earlier).

The mysteries and questions surrounding Emily keeps even the most reluctant reader hooked. Because the teen issues are rather adult in nature, this book is better suited to more mature teens than younger teens.

The bottom line is…

“Where the Truth Lies” by Jessica Warman is a teen book which will appeal to anyone, but especially to teen girls aged 15 to 18. The fast-paced events and big issues which are revealed in this young adult novel results in a fascinating and memorable read.

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