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     Monday, January 24, 2022
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Bridal Shoe Color Alternatives to White or Ivory

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Dressy high heels

There are so many options for bridal shoes beyond white or ivory. The choice of bridal shoe is an opportunity for the bride to express her own personal style, so enjoy this!

As an added bonus, it can be cheaper to go with an alternative color because then the shoe can be purchased as a regular evening dress shoe at the store of her choice. In contrast, a designated ‘bridal shoe’ is often more expensive.

1. Traditional with a twist

If you want a traditional look with extra impact, try:

Silver shoes with a white wedding dress,
or gold shoes with an ivory wedding dress

You can go for either a sandal or a pump if you're going this route. Both colors are still fairly traditional, plus:

  • you’ll be able to pick out of the current up-to-the-minute styles available (a big bonus for the fashionista bride!)
  • you’ll be able to wear the shoe again after the wedding with other clothes you may have (and beyond labor day too!); for example silver shoes will go really well with a pale green-blue dress or other pastel outfit

Or for a slightly more modern look:

pastel shoes of any color

I love the example in the photo above, and you can see why a sandal would work beautifully in this situation. For shoes like this, I recommend shopping at any of these stores because of the combo of gorgeous styles and affordable prices - browse away!

2. Fantasy

If you want a fantasy or romantic look, try soft ballet slippers in pastel pink for the ultimate girly romantic look with a hint of fairytale fantasy.

  • these will be much more comfortable than heels
  • your bridesmaids can also wear ballet slippers, perhaps in a different color to coordinate with your theme

3. For the truly adventurous

If you want a bold look, try a shoe color matching an accent color on your wedding dress. For example, if you have a red sash on your dress, match it with red shoes. Or if you have blue beading, use blue shoes. Be aware that this creates a truly bold look, so unless you’re an adventurous type you might prefer to stick with one of the previous options described above. With colored shoes:

  • you’ll be able to really accentuate any colored detailing on your dress
  • you’ll get great bridal photos when posed to allow the shoes to be seen

Beware: Don’t be overambitious and try to match your shoe to something other than what you’re wearing. Don’t match to your bridesmaids’ dress colors, it will just look like you’ve swapped shoes with your bridesmaid!

The final word

The choice of bridal footwear is a very personal decision. Some enjoy the very traditional look of classic white or ivory, while others prefer a shoe color that adds extra impact or can more easily be worn again. Whatever decision you make, be aware that there are many options available to you.

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