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Awesome ideas for bridal shoe colors - beyond basic white and ivory

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Bride wearing gold heels

You're the bride and you should make an impact with your choice of shoe! There is no need to stick with ultra-traditional shoe colors like white or ivory, even if your wedding is otherwise traditional. You've got so many possibilities for your bridal shoes, both in color and in style, which will be explored here.

There are plenty of advantages to wearing bridal heels in an awesome color:

  • Stand out and be different from what many other brides do
  • The ability to wear these same heels again (with evening wear, for example) - imagine how meaningful it would be to wear these on your first anniversary. By contrast, many women don't have too many occasions for white heels
  • If you're a fashionista, you'll love getting to wear a trendy fashion-forward wedding shoe. All too often, white bridal shoes are made in classic "bridal" styles that are not necessarily trend-setting

As an extra bonus (although not the main reason to do it) you may even find that this is an area where you save money by buying at a regular shoe store instead of a specialty bridal store. Of course, as the bride you shouldn't feel obligated to cut costs on something as special as your wedding shoes! But it can be a nice bonus if you find a shoe love more than a white bridal shoe at a cheaper price point.

Here is inspiration for shoes to wear with a wedding dress with that wow factor.

Gold shoes

As in the picture of the bride at the top of this article, gold heels are the perfect choice when you're seeking an elegant traditional look with a contemporary twist. Gold bridal shoes would look equally good with a white or an ivory wedding dress. Take a look at these beautiful gold shoes from DSW for more inspiration.

Silver shoes

pair of silver heels

Silver heels for a wedding is another stunning option. Note that this would go better with a white wedding dress than an ivory one. It could also co-ordinate beautifully if you're wearing silver wedding jewelry.

In addition, silver is a wonderfully versatile color of shoe that goes with other items of clothing that you already have in your closet. Even if you don't need to worry too much about practical concerns such as budget, it's still lovely to have a truly meaningful shoe to wear when going out in the weeks after your wedding! Browse these silver heels from Rack Room Shoes.

Rose gold shoes

The dreamy look of rose gold is the ultimate choice for a feminine, modern-fairytale look. If this is you, then go with rose gold wedding shoes. Although you might think that this color could be a little challenging to find, it's not: there's an excellent range of rose gold shoes at David's Bridal.

This adds a warm yet ultra-elegant angle to your look.

Red bridal shoes

red bridal heels

Red heels are a bold look for a bride, but why not? After all, the wedding is meant to express the bride and groom's personality and their wishes, not those of their parents and grandparents.

That said, be aware that red is an unconventional choice for the bride - any other option on this page would be a safer option. Rest assured that red becomes a much safer shoe choice for bridal heels if you already have red as an accent color (e.g. sash or beading) on your wedding dress or if your venue decor includes red. The same holds true for other strong colors, for example purple heels if you have purple as an accent color.

If you're happy with a bold look in an exciting pop of color for your bridal shoes then go for it! With colored shoes you'll gain the advantages of being able to really accentuate any colored detailing on your dress and get stunning bridal photos when posed to allow the shoes to be seen.

For inspiration, take a look at the red heels at DSW. As you can see, there are so many different styles and shades of red, from bright red to burgundy, ensuring you're able to create the look and tone you want.

Glitter wedges

Glitter wedges are super-exciting as a bridal shoe, but not so traditional, so bear that in mind. The advantage though is that glitter wedges are not "too much" for a wedding shoe. Why not? Because a wedding is a big occasion for dressing up, and your wedding dress will be more than enough to match up with glitter wedges. So don't let that stop you!

This option is for you if you're seeking a young exciting look and you really want to make a splash. Glitter wedges are not a good choice if you're going for a look of traditional elegance (in that situation, gold heels may be your best bet).

Pink bridal shoes

If you're a girly girl then pink wedding shoes might be what you're looking for. Depending on the shade of pink you choose, you can create an airy light pastel fantasy look, or a bold hot pink fashionista look, or anything in between.

You can in fact filter by your desired shade of pink, from pale whisper pink to bright watermelon at David's Bridal. And of course all of their pink shoes are suitable as a bridal shoe.

Bridal shoe styles other than heels

So far we've mostly discussed heels, but rest assured you've got plenty of other options.

Tips and tricks for wedding shoes

Don’t match to your bridesmaids’ dress colors unless you're absolutely certain you want this. Otherwise it will just look like you’ve swapped shoes with your bridesmaid!

Where to buy bridal shoes: you can buy anywhere that you would buy regular shoes, or you can buy from a bridal store. I recommend DSW, David's Bridal, Rack Room Shoes, and Chinese Laundry.

The choice of bridal footwear is a very personal decision. Some brides enjoy the very traditional look of classic white or ivory, while others prefer a shoe color that adds extra impact or can more easily be worn again. Whatever decision you make, be aware that there are many options available to you.

As a bride you might also like to read our article on how to find a great wedding veil without breaking the bank, and whether newborn babies should be invited to a wedding.

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