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Cute journal ideas for productivity and self-discovery

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Bullet journal, notebook, and journaling supplies - cute journal ideas

Are you looking for cute journals? We've got you covered! When you start journaling, you'll also get to enjoy all the benefits of journaling - improved clarity of mind, more new ideas, and increased productivity.

Here are some cute journal ideas for productivity and self-discovery.

You'll also find that it'll become easier to journal daily when you have the journaling supplies you need.


My favorite place for all types of journals is Etsy. This is because you can find an awesome range of cute journals with different designs and colors from different artisans. You can even get personalized journals at Etsy.com if you want something truly unique.

You'll find many different choices of paper - bullet journal, quad rule, lined, and more. I've even seen isometric journals (diagonal pattern) at Etsy!


Whether you're journaling for self-discovery or for productivity, Best Self. Co has what you need. While the covers are not visually stunning like those you'd see at Etsy, BestSelf has some amazingly innovative ideas which you'll love. The insides of the journals are gorgeous and beautifully designed.

For example, their Project Action Pad may not look eye-catching from the outside - but the inside is all about making your projects look exciting and appealing to you. This way, you'll really want to work on them. You can see this in the image below:

If you do a lot of project-based work or if you're journaling for productivity, this may be a great option for you. You can make it as cute as you want with highlighters, colored pencils, and so on.

On the other hand, if you're more of a visual / spatial learner and you're journaling for self-discovery or creativity, then the Doodle Deck & Pad is made for you! It's a set of 50 art therapy prompts and a sketch pad. The prompts are especially designed to stimulate fresh ideas and encourage your brain to innovate. You can see it in action below:


Amazon has a huge selection of cute journal notebooks. Many of these products also tend to be a bit cheaper than the specialty stores I mentioned above.

If you're journaling for productivity, then you'll want a to-do notebook at Amazon.com.

On the other hand, if you're journaling for self-discovery, you'll prefer one of the journals for your feelings at Amazon. Of these, I particularly recommend the Chart Your Life journal.

If you're a creative or visually oriented type, then you'll definitely want the color version of Wreck This Journal from Amazon.com. It's a neat concept - as its name suggests, you get to wreck the journal according to the various prompts - which you can do in any order you please. In doing so, you generate a uniquely visual and creative picture of your life that you can't get anywhere else. For example, one of the prompts on a page is "press leaves and other found things".

Bonus resource

Bookstores also often stock journals, so this can be another place to find cute designs. Take a look at the journals at BooksAMillion.


The collection of options here give plenty of scope for journaling for productivity and self-discovery. There are a lot of cute journals available for achieving your goals, and any of the engaging designs above would be helpful.

If you're still not sure what you plan to write in your journal, you may like to see our article on what to journal about. It even covers how to do this if you don't want to journal but have to (for example as homework for a course).

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