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10 Tips for quick easy bathroom cleaning

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Bathroom sink and mirror

No-one loves cleaning the bathroom so here are some tips which will have you speeding through this chore.

If you don't believe bathroom cleaning should be a major part of life, you are correct! You can get it sparkling clean without lots of time or stress - these bathroom cleaning tips and tricks will show you how.

1. Permanently unclutter bathroom surfaces

Permanently unclutter your countertop surfaces and your shower if you can. Stick with the bare minimum of things out. The rest should be stowed in drawers or shelving. Less things to move each time makes for much faster bathroom cleaning.

If you simply don't have enough space to move things and if you've already decluttered items that you no longer use, it's time to get bathroom organization tools - whether it be a shower caddy, under-sink organizer, or a mini countertop 2-tier shelving unit.

2. Use body wash instead of soap when you're showering

If you're using bar soap, don't! It can build up in your shower and leave a residue which can solidify and take time-consuming scrubbing to remove. Speed up your bathroom cleaning by making sure you use a liquid body wash instead of bar soap.

There are plenty of body wash options available, whether you're seeking all-natural or for sensitive skin. A good natural body wash will be much gentler on skin than bar soap. Many are available in unscented varieties if you're worried about the scent clashing with your perfume or aftershave.

3. Get a hose-style shower head

Hose-style shower heads are available at hardware stores for much cheaper than you may expect - you can install one yourself in a matter of minutes.

This is by far one of the best bathroom cleaning tips, this is because rinsing the shower after scrubbing is so quick and easy. It's simply a matter of extending the hose and waving the water stream around the shower walls. If you're renting, it's easy to subsequently un-install your new hose head and replace with the original when you move, taking the new one with you.

4. Don't be afraid to spend on convenient bathroom cleaning products at first

Consider using disposable cleaning wipes, more convenient cleaning products, and so forth. It's too easy to get stuck in the rut of doing whatever is cheapest, but if that isn't working out well or isn't motivating you, then your bathroom simply won't get clean! You'll be much more motivated to clean your bathroom when you have products that are convenient and easy to use. And it will go so much faster as well.

If saving money is paramount, then one of the best things you can do is to use your rag pile as a source of disposable cleaning wipes: hygienic and cheap!

5. Use fast easy floor cleaning techniques

Instead of a mop and bucket, do a quick once-over with a portable stick vacuum followed by spray mopping. This combo is quicker and easier because there's hardly any set-up and clean-up required. You can find more floor cleaning tips for uncarpeted areas here.

6. If you have a garbage can in the bathroom, keep the liners there too

This tactic will save time compared with hunting for liners in another location whenever you take out the bathroom trash.

Even if you have literally no space in the bathroom to store liners for the trash can, then stock them in the closest reasonable location to the bathroom (e.g. a closet). Do not keep them in the kitchen if the kitchen is far away from the bathroom.

If you have more than one bathroom, keep a source of bathroom trash can liners near each bathroom.

7. Don't waste time continuously rinsing out a sponge to remove cleaning product from it

Don't waste time rinsing out one sponge multiple times just to remove traces of product. Instead find some other solution that works. For example, use disposable wipes to clean surfaces. Quick bathroom cleaning is easier than you think.

8. Move quickly

Go in there with the mindset that you'll only be spending a certain amount of minutes cleaning the bathroom. Don't adopt a "as long as it takes" mentality otherwise you'll wind up turning it into a 30-minute job.

Also, do not be a perfectionist - trust me, you will get plenty more opportunities for cleaning that bathroom sink again in the future, so just make it be "good enough" and move on.

9. Keep in the bathroom everything you need to clean the bathroom

Set up your bathroom so that you don't have to go anywhere else in the house to locate your cleaning products. If this means doubling up on cleaning product(s) that you keep in the kitchen, so be it.

10. Self-assess as you go

If there's a long or especially disliked step, think about how you could make this faster or easier. At every "pain point", think and re-assess if there's anything that can be done to make that step faster.


There is definitely a lot you can do to make your cleaning routine go faster. These 10 bathroom cleaning hacks will save you time and get you more motivated to clean. It's such a nice feeling to be almost looking forward to bathroom cleaning instead of dreading it!

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