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How to reduce stress in your life

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Almost all of us suffer from stress to some extent. A certain minimum level of stress is considered normal and beneficial, but most people have the problem of far too much stress in their lives. It has everything to do with the way our bodies react to particular situations. Headaches, back pain, and depression can all result from too much stress. Sadly however, stress has been stitched to the very fabric of our social being to the extent that we cannot go through a seemingly stress free-day without thinking something is missing! Rest assured it is possible to reduce stress in your life when you implement these tips.

It's not a quick fix - the culture of stress acceptance adds an additional hurdle to overcome at work. From the moment you stand up from your desk at the close of business to the time you are rushing through the parking lot to get into your car so that you can make it home and eat dinner to the time you finally fall like a pack of cards on your bed in exhaustion. Then almost seconds after you jolt up ready to start the day all over, you're already worn out.

So the question is can stress be effectively combated knowing that it is already a part of our daily life? Are there any easy ways stress can be reduced? All of these are addressed below.

Yes it is possible to decrease your stress levels

Yes, stress can be combated. You certainly do not deserve constant migraines just because you are trying to earn a living. You surely deserve some control over how activities take over you and engulf you leaving little or no room for you to develop your personal self. Even if you think you can't reduce stress, there's almost certainly something you can do. Let's take a look at some action you can take:

Easy ways to reduce stress

The good news is that it's not a complicated process. Stress is a vice that we mostly allow subconsciously and it gathers momentum into our conscious lives. So consciously taking efforts to wage war against stress, it can be decreased to the extent that you can live a low-stress life. Here are some good ways to reduce stress.

Prioritize your work

The reason why you might be suffering from work stress is because you have so much going on that it's hard to know where to even start. You fret not knowing where to start from hereby putting yourself under pressure that you can certainly do without. Create a list and stick to it, you'd be surprised at how easy it is to have a thousand things done in a day through proper planning. Task management software can help a lot with this.

Improving your work life is the best way to reduce stress long term, since work is such a huge part of your waking hours.

Eat healthy

Some foods are poor choices not only for the physical aspect of our bodies but also for our mental health. Find a way to balance your meals out with the right vitamins. Tasty fruits and vegetables along with lean sources of protein might be what your body has been missing after all.

Drink water

Ditch the alcohol, drink lots of water. It not only helps with a clear skin, it helps your body look younger and fresher. Who wouldn’t have a stress free day when everyone is telling them how good their skin looks?

Sometimes when you're feeling tired or hungry, some of that is actually from needing water. So take away that source of stress by hydrating frequently.

Sleep more

Inadequate sleep can put you under more stress than you can imagine! Create a work order that allows you adequate time to rest. Make a point of going to bed on time, and try to leave anything else for the next day. If need be, set two daily evening alarms on your phone: one is a time to be in bed (including reading if you wish) and the second is the time to turn out the lights. The reading time also allows you to feel like you have a little time for leisure, even if you haven't had the chance for any other leisure during the day. Not a big reader? Consider magazines instead of books; they're fun to read and you don't need the same level of concentration, making it ideal if you're exhausted.

If you struggle with sleep in general, even if you've allocated enough time, try these 5 natural sleep remedies.


One certain way to keep stress at bay is to train your mind and body to exercise. If you hate exercise, try these exercise tips for people who hate exercise. One other motivator is that if you're looking to reduce stress quickly, exercise is going to make the biggest difference.


Above are some easy ideas for decreasing stress in your life. None of these are costly. If making multiple changes at once seems overwhelming, start with one change per week until you've incorporated all these tips. A low-stress life is a very healthy life and you deserve this!

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