Fast easy breakfast ideas

I don’t have much time in the mornings and I bet you don’t either! Here are some of my favorite fast and easy breakfast ideas for people of all ages:

  • Microwave some pancakes – my favorite brand for this hands-down is the surprisingly affordable De Wafelbakkers brand, available in the freezer aisle of most groceries and supermarkets. If you want to make it for super cheap, just make your own pancakes one weekend or evening and freeze. Reheat as needed.
  • Toast – freshly popped toast is an easy and fast breakfast option, especially when paired with great toppings which I’ve listed in another article.
  • Microwave some sausage biscuits – this isn’t the healthiest breakfast, but it’s a fast and fun treat. You can select from a variety of brands in the freezer aisle of the supermarket. They’re fast and easy to re-heat.
  • Cereal – beyond just plain boring cereal and milk, you can add in fruit (fresh or dried) and nuts. If that seems like too much effort, simply switch things up with a new cereal you haven’t tried before. In particular, the range of granola options on mainstream shelves has expanded greatly in just the past few years, so you’ll have lots to choose from.
  • Breakfast snack item – Ready-to-eat oatmeal squares are ideal if you’re so pushed for time that you have to eat on the run. We like Nature Valley oatmeal squares, but there are many brands out there.
  • Yogurt parfait – you can make your own fast yogurt parfait for very cheap. Simply have on hand unsweetened natural yogurt, uncooked fast-cook oatmeal, and fresh or dried fruit of your choice. Layer these ingredients in a tall glass, sprinkling the yogurt with a little sugar. Very fast, cheap (when you buy the yogurt in the large tub) and easy! Instead of layers I actually prefer these mixed in a bowl, which is even faster and easier.

There you have it: fast easy breakfast ideas for people who are busy and need to get on with their day. These days, that’s all of us.