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10 Affordable gift ideas for the woman who has everything

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Yes, you can definitely get a great inexpensive gift for the woman who has everything.

These 10 wonderfully easy, affordable ideas will solve your gift dilemma. These will go over beautifully with a woman of any age, from a young college student to a senior lady. Best of all, they are especially designed to fit a budget!

Whether you're looking for Christmas gifts or birthday gifts for her, you'll be certain to get something that she'll love and that everyone else won't already have chosen.

1. Coin purse

Every woman needs a coin purse at some time, for example to slip in the jeans pocket when doing something active (who wants to carry a handbag around at an adventure center?) You can find some beautiful coin purses on Amazon or try handcrafted ones at Some handcraft artists actually enable you to commission a made to order piece at Etsy.

Just make sure you pick a style that fits her personality. Think bright pastels or splashy citrus tones for a peppy upbeat fun type of young lady. For the classically styled woman, try black, white, neutrals or navy in solids, simple florals or other calm patterns.

If you're looking for small gift ideas for women, particularly if it's someone you don't know quite as well yet, the coin purse is perfect because it's not too expensive or overly intimate, yet it's sweet and caring. It's also not an item that others are likely to think of.

2. Create a small personalized book of affirmations about her

This is a truly unique gift which you’ll love to watch her receive! She’ll be delighted with this and will treasure it in years to come. Go to and select one of the smaller sizes of book, write her full name as the title, then place one sentence of affirmation on each page. For example, "I like your upbeat spirit", "You are fun to be around", etc. This gift is surprisingly cheap at under $20 plus shipping for a beautiful book.

Short of time or not tech-savvy? Then purchase a handmade decorative journal and use a calligraphy pen to do the same thing.

Personalized affirmations are one of the best gifts for the woman who has everything - because she probably doesn't have that!

3. Therapeutic massage

Let her get pampered! A gift certificate for a 30-minute massage is certain to make her day. Thirty minutes still offers plenty of time and is more budget-friendly than a 1 hour massage.

This is not something she would normally think of buying for herself. To start looking, most day spas offer therapeutic massage, but it’s also worth checking out independent licensed massage therapists in your area – many do hours by appointment, making it the ideal choice for the busy woman.

If you're looking for nice gifts for women, you can't go wrong with a therapeutic massage, although be aware this is going to cost a little bit more than the other gift ideas listed here.

4. Fiction or non-fiction book selected carefully based on her real-life hobbies or interests

A book which is clearly and carefully tailored to her interests is a thoughtful gift for her. For example, if she adores fashion, get her a coffee-table book of one the designers whose work she admires.

For this I recommend Amazon, BooksAMillion or

5. Box of chocolates

Generic yes, but chocolates always go over well, and again not something she’s likely to buy for herself. Accompany it with a thoughtful personal note so she knows you’re truly thinking of her, for example

"You’re so busy helping other people, so here is something for YOU to enjoy and relax with"

If you aren't able to hand this gift to her in person then go for the chocolate delivery service at They take care of sending her a beautifully presented of chocolates - they stock all the well-known luxury brands such as Godiva and Kohler, as well as their own chocolate.

You can never go wrong with specialty chocolates as gifts for the hard to buy for female - in addition, it's also a wonderful way to get affordable luxury gifts for her. It's totally OK if a brand name handbag isn't on the cards - fancy chocolate is a much more affordable luxury, and one that will go over well!

6. Board game

A fun board game to add pizzazz to her group get-togethers is helpful for any woman, whether she is a young college student enjoying dorm life, a newly married lady, or a grandmother.

7. Put together a photo book for her

There is no need to document her entire life (most of which you won’t have known anyway). Instead concentrate on an event or a weekend at which you were both present. Girl’s night out, ski weekend, her previous year’s birthday event, a family Christmas… you get the picture (literally!) Most online photo developing services offer affordable photo books with your own layout and captions; I recommend Snapfish and Shutterfly for quality of product and ease of use.

8. Flowers, accompanied with a very thoughtful note

Make sure she knows you’re thinking of her and not just being generic. For example, write:

“I know you truly enjoy beautiful things and plenty of color, so here is something to brighten your day!”

9. Travel jewelry box (personalized or not)

She'll love a small travel jewelry box to hold just the jewelry items she'll be bringing on her next trip. It's a wonderfully feminine, pretty and yet practical gift which is certain to go over well.

10. A homemade item

Speak from the heart with something you have personally crafted. For example, home-made cookies wrapped in cellophane and tied with a beautiful bow. She will appreciate both the item and the personal effort which you have made.


While it might at first seem intimidating for someone on a tight budget to select a gift for the woman who already has everything, it really isn’t difficult at all. Remember ultimately with any present it’s the thought that counts.

These unique gifts for women are all meaningful and budget-friendly. Women who already have everything will especially appreciate any of the gifts here because all require some form of sentiment and thought about her. Make her birthday, Christmas or other occasion one she will remember fondly when you get her any of the presents on this list.

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