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How to re-download your MP3 music from Amazon without buying again (illustrated)

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

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Woman listening to music on headphones - how to re-download your MP3's from Amazon without buying again

You bought some MP3 tunes on Amazon in the past, but you need to download them again - without buying them again or spending any money. Yes it's possible, in fact it's easy! But Amazon doesn't make it obvious to find how to do it. Here is an easy step by step tutorial for how to do this on a laptop or computer. You can't do this from an Android phone, unfortunately.

People wind up in this situation if their music was on an old laptop but they have now gotten a new laptop, or if they accidentally deleted their old music files. No problem, just download your previously purchased music from Amazon. Here we go.

Step 1: Log into your Amazon account and go to "orders"

Go to, log in, and go to "account" and "orders" or you can try this shortcut link direct to the correct section which should work for US readers.

If you are starting from scratch, this is how you should start, see pic:

Screenshot of Amazon account - how to download your MP3 music again from Amazon

Step 2: Click on the "Digital Orders" tab

After completing the previous step, you'll be on your "Orders" page, and next you need click on "Digital Orders"; it's another tab nearby circled in red in the image below:

Screenshot of Digital Orders tab on - how to re-download your MP3 music from Amazon

After you click on the Digital Orders tab, you'll see your list of tunes that you purchased. There may be other digital items in there if you purchased other digital content besides MP3 music, but your music will definitely be there. Don't panic if you don't see it there yet, I have some tips in the next step.

Step 3: Locate your tunes from your digital orders

At this point, after following steps 1 and 2, your screen should look like this:

Screenshot of digital orders list from Amazon - how to download your Amazon MP3s again without spending money

As you can see, I purchased "Drop the Pilot" by Joan Armatrading and a Rossini overture, La Scala di seta. In this case I can see my MP3 music in my digital order list.

If you bought an MP3 and it's not showing up in your digital orders

Don't worry if you don't see it! It's probably in an older order. Amazon typically just shows you your most recent orders by default. So just click on the time picker under "Digital Orders" (circled in image above). You'll be able to select from different timeframes and/or years. You might have to hunt around a little, but your tunes will be there.

Step 4. Download your music from your digital orders

Be aware that it will usually only let you download your Amazon music one additional time from your digital orders (in addition to when you first bought it) so you can't do this infinite times. Therefore, note carefully which folder you are downloading your music into - more on that just below.

For each MP3, or album/collection of MP3's, simply click the "Download music" button that I circled on the right in the previous picture above. Do NOT click on the song title otherwise it will take you to the product to make you buy it again. Instead just click on the Download Music button.

It will then download your music automatically.

What happens if there is a choice given in the dialog box?

In some cases instead of automatic download, it will offer you the choice to get it from your Amazon music library, as shown below. Do not go with the Amazon music library, instead just click on the other option (it will be the name of the MP3 file that you previously purchased).

screenshot of download box dialog to download your previous Amazon MP3 purchase

That's it, your file will be downloaded

Now, regardless of how you got to this point, it will download your music to your computer: the computer might prompt you if you want to save it, click "yes" or "accept".

Typically your MP3 download will wind up either in your "Downloads" folder or your "Music" folder on your computer, so check both. If you have choice where to put it, place it in your Music folder because that's where your music player will look for it.

What to do if you if it gives you a Zip file

At this point, instead of a nice MP3 file with an image of the song cover, you may be presented with a file that has the icon of a box or a package. Don't worry, that's OK! If you downloaded an album, it'll zip those MP3's into a package so as not to have a million and one files that each need downloading one at a time. This is actually doing you a favor even if it doesn't feel like it right now!

If you have a Zip file with the box or package icon, simply double-click on it; your computer will unzip it for you. Just click "yes" or "accept" on the prompt to extract the files. Now you will have some new folders next to your Zip file; leave the Zip file alone and double-click on the new folders. Your MP3 music download will be in there.


You don't have to purchase your MP3 music again if you already bought it earlier. It's sitting right there in your Amazon account, and you can you can just to an Amazon music download to get it to your laptop or computer whenever you want, without spending another cent.

If on the other hand you want to buy new MP3 tracks, we have an illustrated tutorial for how to buy multiple MP3's on Amazon. We also cover how to see the Amazon reviews you wrote.

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