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How to find your MP3 cart on Amazon [with images]

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You've put one or more songs into your MP3 cart on with the idea of adding more later so you can pay for them in one transaction at the end. When you come back later, you can't find your MP3 cart anymore! This happens a lot if you're trying to make a playlist of things to purchase and you can't remember what you've added and what you hadn't. Don't worry, we're here to help. Just follow this step by step tutorial to find your way back to your MP3 cart and the music you had put in there.

Going to your regular cart won't help, because your regular cart is different from your MP3 cart. The regular cart is for ordering physical items to be shipped to you, and it will clearly show zero items, even if you have music in your MP3 cart. Rest assured the music you previously put in your MP3 cart is still there, you just can't see these items at the moment. Let's move on with the tutorial.

This tutorial works on laptop and desktop devices; basically anywhere that you're using your browser and not the app to use Amazon.

First, you might like to see if this shortcut to the MP3 cart works, which it should if you're logged in to the US version of Amazon. If not, don't worry, just follow the tutorial below.

Step 1: Go to "Your Account"

Log into your Amazon account. Then click on "Your Account" as shown in the image below:

Screenshot of settings in Amazon

Step 2: Digital content and devices

OK, at this point, after step 1, you should see a screen like the one below. Look under the section titled "Digital content and devices". Click on "Amazon Music settings".

Screenshot of the "your account" section of Amazon

Step 3: Click on "MP3 cart"

After the previous step of going to Amazon Music Settings, click on "MP3 cart" as shown near the top right in the image below.

Screenshot of account showing music settings


It will show you your MP3 cart and any music you had placed in it. Be aware that if you put things into an MP3 cart without logging into Amazon, this method will only work if you are on the same computer or laptop as you were when you put the things in.

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