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     Monday, January 24, 2022
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Where is your MP3 cart on Amazon [illustrated] - how to buy digital music on Amazon

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You want to put one or more songs into an MP3 cart from digital music at Amazon.com with the idea of adding more later so you can pay for them in one transaction at the end. When you come back later, you can't find your MP3 cart anymore! Going to your regular cart won't help, because your regular cart is different from your MP3 cart. The regular cart is for ordering physical items to be shipped to you, and it will clearly show zero items, even if you thought you had music in your MP3 cart.

Amazon made some changes from how things used to be months ago. Back then, there was a way to access the MP3 cart that we illustrated in this article, but now Amazon has eliminated the MP3 cart in the US. Instead of placing individual MP3's in a cart and pay for them in 1 handy transaction, you now have to buy each track individually. There is no option to place it in a cart anymore.

So you can still buy music by clicking on the yellow button next to that song or album that shows the price on it. It still all works just fine, the only downside is that you'd need to buy music items one at a time instead of putting them in a cart. If you are buying 10 songs, this means you will have 10 transactions on your payment method, which is annoying. But it all still works fine and you don't come out any worse off money-wise than when they had the cart. It just takes longer now having to pay for each item separately.

At the moment, clicking on the button for a track just gives you the option to buy it (or to abandon it). You can't even favorite it, or do anything else that will let you come back to tracks you like.

Some suggestions

There are some things you can do, besides obviously making a list elsewhere of music tracks you want so you won't forget which ones to buy.

Option 1: Shop by genre [see screenshot below]

One approach to finding the music you want is to take advantage of Amazon's "shop by genre" feature, which allows you to browse for the types of music you might like. Simply go to Digital Music on Amazon.com and you'll see screen like the one below; click on the desired genre on the "shop by genre" link on the left (circled):

Screenshot of how to browse MP3 by genre on Amazon.com

This might be helpful for you if your goal was to make a playlist.

Option 2: Related to items you've viewed

The other thing you can try is to look at related tracks to ones you've already viewed. Firstly, go to Digital Music on Amazon.com and then scroll down until you see a heading "Related to items you've viewed", as in screenshot below.

Screenshot of related music tracks in Amazon digital music

In theory, this should come up with tracks you like based on ones you've looked at before. In my case it didn't come up with anything I liked. But it's worth a shot in case it comes up with good tracks for you. Although this method is not anywhere near the same as the old MP3 cart system, it's a way in which it might help you decide on what music you wanted.

Money-saving tip: Don't get tricked by the pricing - it can vary between MP3 and CD

You might find the perfect album, but look carefully at the pricing! Take a look at the screenshot below for an example:

Screenshot of digital music at Amazon.com, showing pricing variations between formats

Digital music is available in 3 main formats on Amazon.com: Streaming, MP3, and CD. In most cases, the MP3 is what you're going for, since you get to play it on different devices. However, Amazon doesn't always guess correctly which format you are most likely to want. In the image above, I'm going to buy the MP3 format for $6.99 and you can see that the MP3 box has glowy edges to show it's the format being selected. If you want to switch formats, you can click on one of the other boxes before clicking on the Buy button. But in this particular case, you probably wouldn't want to switch to the CD format, since it costs $902.81 (yes, seriously!)

So the take-home message is, be aware the format you're selecting and what price it is. Switch formats if needed before clicking the buy button. Double-check the pricing when you're ready to press the buy button - fortunately, the pricing is also shown on the button.

To avoid this problem in the first place, begin your search via the digital music category on Amazon.com (not just by typing in the name of the song or artist in all categories). When you search the digital music category, it'll figure out you're most likely seeking an MP3 and it will almost always pre-set the format to MP3 and not to CD. But to be safe in case it doesn't, always make sure you check the format and the pricing before clicking on the buy button.


It's disappointing that Amazon.com has changed their system to eliminate the MP3 cart. You are therefore restricted to buying each track one at a time in multiple transactions, instead of placing the desired tracks in an MP3 cart and doing checkout in one transaction. In this article I've given a couple of ways in which you can browse for tracks you might like without having to search for a specific song title, but it doesn't get around the problem of having no MP3 cart anymore. I'm hoping this is something that Amazon might decide to change back in the future.

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