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How to fix when an Android device is stuck on one orientation and it's not a rotation setting problem [with images]

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

Man holding a phone

Is your tablet or phone stuck in one orientation? Maybe everyone's been telling you about the rotation setting, which you already know about and have tried! Don't worry - besides the rotation setting, there's another setting you'll need to change, which we show below. You'll be able to fix your problem quickly and easily with our illustrated guide.

Go to the icon settings

Assuming your problem is not the rotation setting, then your stuck device needs to change the icon settings. What does this have to do with it? The answer is that if the icons are too large, then your phone or tablet can't keep them all on the same screen when you rotate the tablet. They just won't all fit properly when the orientation is changed. So your phone will stay stuck on its current state and won't change orientation when you rotate the phone. So what you need to do is make your icons smaller. Here's how.

First, go to the main settings menu for your phone (that would be the app with cog or gear icon). Once you're in your settings menu, go to "Display". At this point, what you'll see will be a little different for each model of tablet or phone, but regardless, there'll be an option to change the size of the icons. In the image below, you can see it's called "Display settings" under "Advanced settings". You may need to look around for this setting; if you don't see it in the Display menu of your device's settings, look under the Accessibility menu of the settings. Remember, your aim is to change the icon size.

You are looking for something like this:

Screenshot of display settings on Android device

After you tap on that setting, it'll come up with a slider or some other way to select the icon size, like the one in the final image below.

Screenshot of display size setting on Android device

To fix your problem, simply slide the slider all the way left to the smallest setting. Go to your normal home screen to try. You should now be able to rotate your phone and tablet between portrait and landscape and it should all work properly.

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