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How to make garlic bread at home - quick and easy, no mess

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Garlic bread in foil

Whether you’re cooking for a crowd for a special occasion or simply making an ordinary weeknight dinner for two, garlic bread is an easy and versatile side item. And there's nothing better than homemade garlic bread fresh out of the oven.

However, unless you know the tricks, spreading home-made garlic butter sauce on a loaf of bread can be downright messy and time consuming. Find out here how to make garlic bread in the oven quickly and easily without any mess or fuss. Photos are included.

This easy garlic bread recipe shows you just how fast and simple it can be to prepare.


  • Loaf of uncut bakery bread - this does not need to be expensive. The store brand from your local supermarket bakery is fine
  • 6T butter
  • garlic, 4 cloves or 2 tsp minced garlic or 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 2 tsp dried oregano


Step 1. Get your loaf of bread, lay it flat and slice it in half (up and down, not side-to-side) as shown in the photo below

Loaf of bakery bread cut in half

Step 2. Take one of these halves and then cut slices almost to the bottom crust but don’t cut right through it. Make whatever thickness you like. At this point it should look like the image below.

bakery bread with slices cut in almost all the way through ready for garlic butter

Step 3. Make garlic butter sauce. In a microwave safe small bowl, melt the 6 T butter, the 4 cloves of garlic (or substitute as specified in the ingredients) and the 2t dried oregano. Quantities may be adjusted for taste.

Step 4. Get a long length of aluminum foil and place one of your bread halves and lay it up-ended so that the cut edge is sitting flat on the foil.

Step 5. Using your left hand to support the loaf, open the loaf a little like a book (but not all the way) so that the "page" closest to the foil is open but lays flat on the foil. This would be just behind the halfway cut made in step 1. Using your right hand, spoon out some of the melted garlic butter onto this flat surface. You can use the back of the spoon to spread it better.

spreading the garlic butter on the partially cut bread

Step 6. Now that you have done that "page", move upward to the next slice opening just above the previous one and making sure it lays flat. Spoon the garlic butter onto that slice. Repeat for all the slices. Yes, so far you’re just doing one side of each slice – the reverse side will come next.

Step 7. Now turn the loaf upside down the other way, so that it’s resting on the small rounded end. Open the loaf like a book, spoon garlic butter on, and repeat. This way, you are doing the reverse side.

Finishing up: Make sure you spread the final piece with the garlic butter on the final pass – it can be surprisingly easy to miss. Repeat everything for other half of loaf, if desired. Then you’ll wrap the garlic bread with the aluminum foil it’s sitting on. No mess!

If you used both halves and wish to make the loaf complete for appearances sake, simply fit the two halves together before wrapping. Bake at 400F (200C) for about 20 minutes.

fresh oven cooked garlic bread


The beauty of this method is that it’s so fast and easy to prepare garlic bread at home. You use one hand to manipulate the loaf and the other to spoon on the garlic butter. Because you’re only ever spooning onto a flat horizontal surface, you can be assured of smooth, even coverage. No more trying to drizzle garlic butter vertically into small slits!

Another advantage is that if you run out of garlic butter after your first pass, you can simply melt more butter without adding the other ingredients for use on the reverse pass. This time-saving approach works because you’ve already added all the ingredients to one side of each slice. Each slice still contains all the delicious flavors on one side of it - no-one will ever know the other side is just butter!

If you love garlic bread but hate mess, you’ll find this quick and easy garlic bread recipe a helpful standby in your kitchen. If you'll be hosting a crowd and want an awesome dessert idea, you might also enjoy our article on how to make sticky toffee pudding ahead of time for a crowd. And here is our gracious yet no-stress method of what to do when dinner party guests show up early.

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