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How to disable autofill for Firefox and stop it filling web forms (illustrated)

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

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Even if you've already told Firefox not to save passwords and logins, you may have noticed it still keeps trying to auto fill forms for you. Don't worry, it's easily remedied. Here is how to remove autofill in Firefox for everything (yes, even forms). The solution is not obvious at first glance, but rest assured it's fast and simple.

Step 1: Go to settings

Open the settings menu in Firefox - click on the symbol with the 3 lines as shown in the image, then click on "settings":

screenshot of Firefox preferences menu

Step 2: Go to "Privacy and Security" and then scroll down

On the left, click "Privacy and security" as shown in the image below. Your screen will look like this.

screenshot of the privacy and security settings in the Firefox browser

Now scroll down a bit further.

Step 3: Uncheck the boxes shown below

After you scroll down more, you'll see a series of checkboxes. If you don't see these checkboxes after scrolling, then click on "Custom" in the privacy and security settings shown above, then scroll down again.

screenshot of autofill settings in Firefox

Uncheck the 5 boxes shown above. You will most likely have already unchecked some of these, but to turn off autofill for Firefox completely, you'll need to be sure to uncheck all of the 5 boxes in the image above. In case these items are not clear on the image, these are:

  • Ask to save logins and passwords for websites
  • Autofill logins and passwords
  • Autofill addresses
  • Autofill credit cards
  • Remember search and form history

Remember, you need to uncheck all of these Firefox autofill settings. If you think you've unchecked them but you're still noticing that the form filler in Firefox is autofilling for you, look carefully at "Remember search and form history" and uncheck it. That is usually the culprit because it's so easily overlooked.

Important: if you cannot find "remember search and form history" in the "History" section (still on this same page), you'll need to use the drop-down menu in that "History" section and set it to Firefox will use custom settings for history. Once you do that, the checkbox "remember search and form history" will become available just below; uncheck it.

At this point, you can stop if you wish. You've stopped Firefox filling out all forms for you. This is a very good security measure in case someone else were to access your computer - this way they can't accidentally or maliciously order and pay for something online through autofill.

If you also want to stop auto suggestions on the website address bar at the top (not your address, the part where you tell Firefox what website you want to go to, e.g. https://....), continue to the next step. Most people don't bother with that because autofill on the address bar doesn't represent a security risk and it is actually helpful in saving you from typing in the website you want letter by letter.

Step 4 (optional): Decide whether you want to remove autofill for the website address bar at the top

Still on the Privacy and Security Settings page from above, scroll down a bit further. You'll see a section labeled "Address bar - Firefox Autosuggest" as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot of firefox settings for address bar

Uncheck "Browsing History" and "bookmarks" under Address Bar - Firefox Autosuggest. Now Firefox won't try to tell you what website you want to go to. Most people don't bother with this part of it though - there is no security problem with allowing it to suggest websites.


This illustrated tutorial shows you how to turn off form fill in Firefox, which involves unchecking 5 boxes. It's frustrating that it's not just 1 setting, but this is the only way to completely turn off autofill in Firefox.

It's not clear why the Firefox form autofill settings are designed to involve 5 different checkboxes, but on a positive note, at least it's easy to turn off, as illustrated above. Disabling Firefox autofill is a good security measure you should take in case anyone else were to gain access to your computer.

Here's another helpful Firefox tip for you: how to clear the cache for just one site without losing your browsing history on all your other sites. It's ideal if you want Firefox to forget about 1 site.

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