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How to unblock someone on WhatsApp on Android [illustrated]

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Written by Vera C. Last updated on .

WhatsApp logo - how to unblock someone on WhatsApp

If you have accidentally blocked a friend on WhatsApp and need to unblock them, don't worry!

It can be surprisingly easy to block someone who turns out to be a friend - maybe you didn't recognize their number or their profile pic. And no, blocking is not permanent! You can definitely unblock if you're using the Android app for WhatsApp, and it's easy. Find out here how to do this in our illustrated guide.

Step 1 - go to Settings

Go to your Settings menu (from the 3 dots at top right), like this:

Screenshot of menu from WhatsApp app on Android

Step 2: Then go to Account

Once you're in Settings, go to Account as shown in pic below:

Screenshot of settings from WhatsApp app on Android

Step 3: Go to Privacy

Once you're in Account, go to Privacy:

Screenshot of Account menu in Android app for WhatsApp

Step 4: In Privacy menu, scroll down to the bottom

Once you're in Privacy, you'll need to scroll down to access your blocked contacts - and this is likely why you may not have spotted it before:

Screenshot of Privacy menu after scrolling down in WhatsApp for Android

As you can see in the image above, there are 2 blocked contacts in this account. Then tap on Blocked contacts to see the profiles.

Step 5: In blocked contacts, tap on the one(s) you wish to unblock

You'll be able to see the profile pics, username, and phone number of your blocked contact list at this point (see pic below).

Screenshot of profiles of blocked contacts on WhatsApp for Android

Above are the details of the blocked contact list. Now simply tap on whichever profile(s) you want to unblock, and an option to unblock will pop up. That's it!


It really is that simple to unblock someone on WhatsApp for Android. So don't worry, if you accidentally blocked a friend, you can reverse it, as shown above.

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