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Alternate uses for common baby products

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If you own any of these baby products, here are some alternative ways to use them which work even better. Impress everyone with your multipurposing skills on these baby products!

Crib bumper pads

A common concern about crib bumper pads is that this baby product can diminish airflow in and out of the crib. Instead, use any crib bumper pads you may have for fun wall-and-furniture bumpers when baby is first able to navigate a room by rolling or crawling.

Pacifier clip

You can use it to clip pacifier to baby’s clothes… but actually this baby product works just as well or better for keeping similar small toys at hand (teether rings etc) for a slightly older baby when out and about. Chances are, such a toy will occupy baby for longer than a pacifier will.

Crib blanket

Crib blankets are a baby product best not used in baby’s bedding because of the risk of suffocation. Instead, a crib blanket can be used as a:

  • great wintertime stroller or car seat blanket
  • big playmat
  • soft liner for those hard grocery cart toddler seats
  • toddler blanket after the child is old enough to safely have a night-time blanket. Remember that even in a twin bed a twin sized blanket will be far too big for a toddler.

Baby powder

Baby powder is a product not recommended during diaper changes because of the possibility of it being inhaled by baby. Instead, sprinkle a small amount of this baby product in the new trash can liner after you take out baby’s diaper trash. The baby powder is a great deodorizer which will help keep the nursery smelling good.

Flushable disposable diaper liners

Disposable diaper liners are actually intended for use with cloth diapers. The new use recommended here is for potty training a toddler. Diapers are so absorbent that sometimes toddlers simply don’t know that they are wet. Use the diaper liner inside training pants or diapers to provide a layer that helps give a better sensation of wetness. These diaper liners can also be used inside cloth underwear of a toddler who is potty trained for peeing but not pooping (where they definitely help with cleanup of accidents!)

Toy links

Hard plastic links that keep toys tethered to a playmat or activity gym can do double duty as a teething ring.

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