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8 Easy Tips: How to Balance Housework and Parenting

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1. Be realistic in setting your goals

The first step is to put housework in perspective. Be aware that a perfectly clean house as per your pre-baby days may simply not be possible now, or at least not without sacrificing attention away from your child. However, it is quite possible to have a healthy, hygienic, clean home that still looks great, even though it may not be 100% "perfect". These tips show you how to achieve this while still delivering proper care for your baby or toddler.

2. Spread your housework out over 3 to 5 days of the week

Pre-kids you may have been able to get away with one “cleaning day” (or evening). This is not realistic now that you have young kids who need your attention. Instead, expect that you will have to spread out your work in smaller chunks over 3 – 5 days (or evenings), not one big chunk. It’s essential to have some “housework-free” days of the week pre-designated so you can feel like you’re getting a break. Ideally, designate the weekends as days you won’t be doing any housework.

3. Never do housework when baby is napping (that’s YOUR time to take a break!)

If you do cleaning when baby is napping, it will feel like you’re doing a lot more cleaning in your week than you actually are. Do yourself a favor and never do housework when baby is napping; take a break then instead.

4. Do little bits of housework here and there during the course of your day

Get in the habit of doing a 1 to 5 minute cleaning task when possible. For example, dust the furniture in the family room while baby is laying there in the same room looking at you. Then return to baby.

Or, if you have a toddler who can self-feed, supervise his or her snack while you clean the kitchen sink. Then sit down again with your toddler.

This way, things get done but you are in eyesight of the kids and it’s just for short periods of time, so no-one loses out. Break up tasks into little bits and you will be surprised at how much you can get done during the normal course of your day.

5. Forget the mop and bucket for floors

Not only is the mop and bucket time consuming to set up and clean up afterward, it’s not all that safe for the inquisitive toddler. Instead use a spray-and-mop type of setup which doesn’t rely on a large bucket of liquid. Your kitchen and bathroom will look great, and you’ll save lots of time and have a more kid-friendly mopping setup.

6. Bathroom cleaning is easy with these fast techniques!

Cleaning the toilet and shower is never fun, and even less so when you have to deal with the needs of a baby or toddler at the same time. But rest assured we’ve got you covered. Simply use this article’s fast bathroom cleaning techniques to attain a super-clean bathroom, super-fast.

7. Decide on your cleaning strategy depending on your personality

Pick one of this article’s approaches to housework for busy people here at FlipFall. Anyone with a baby or toddler is a busy person!

8. Don’t run all over town to buy your cleaning products

If a cleaning product you need isn’t available at your normal supermarket, consider buying it online. It’s much more convenient than having to pack everyone up and drive extra miles to a store at which you don’t usually shop and hunting down the product while keeping baby or toddler happy in the store.

In conclusion…

Simply keep your home “clean enough” and don’t sweat the small stuff. Looking back later, which will you regret more: not having a perfectly pristine home or not spending as much time with the kids when they were young?

Balancing housework with parenting is not easy, but it is possible.

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