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Awesome uses for painted rocks

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painted rocks on a surface - ideas for how to use painted rocks

Painted rocks look fun - they're a beautiful yet not overly serious looking craft. But you might be wondering what you can do with your painted rocks. They're pretty cool, so it's easy to accumulate more than you had intended of these! Perhaps you wound up buying painted rocks for sale, or maybe a friend gave you a painted rock as a gift, or maybe you're an artist yourself who has generated quite a collection of your own rock art.

Covered below are plenty of options of ways to use painted rocks.


A paperweight is much more useful than you would first think. It's particularly helpful if you have a desk near a window that you like to open in good weather where papers would otherwise blow around. Painted rocks and pebble art is going to be helpful for any desk. Even if you don't open the window often, the painted rock will add cheer to an otherwise serious environment - without taking up a large footprint.

Another great use for a painted rock is at picnics. Bring several as paperweights for piles of plates or napkins so that you can stop everything from blowing away. Everyone will admire your arty custom-made solution for this problem.

Cactus painted rocks as a no-care plant

Stand tall cactus themed painted rocks upright in a plant pot filled with small pebbles. This amazing cactus plant requires no care at all! And its spines can't get you! It's the perfect gift idea for anyone who is too busy for the responsibility of caring for a plant. It can also brighten up the room of a sick person without requiring any care or causing any allergies.

If you make your own painted rocks that you want to sell, it could be a good idea to put together a kit that people can buy which has everything in it: cactus themed rocks, small plant pot, small pebbles. You'll want to keep everything small so that your shipping fees don't get too high with the weight of everything. People are more likely to buy painted rocks when there is a clear intended use, so creating a kit is a smart move if you're looking for painted rock ideas.


If children are not of the age where they will try to put items in their mouth or throw them around, rocks painted as animals or people can be great toys for pretend play.

If you create painted rocks for sale, you may wish to paint sets of animals or people themed rock art that can be mixed and matched by the customer for a play set.

Decor in your flower garden

You don't need an entire flowerbed filled with painted rocks! Place a few painted rocks nestled within the mulch or among regular pebbles. A few painted rocks here and there will add a touch of whimsy to your flower bed.

If you're more of a traditionalist, less is more - in that case, you may prefer to place the painted rocks just inside the border or edging of the flower bed, that way it blends into the natural look better.

Seasonal shelf decorations

Shelf decorations are a super-easy way to create a seasonal theme inside the home. If you have painted rocks that work with your existing seasonal decor, you can put them out on your existing shelves. For example, fish themed or seashell painted rocks are perfect for shelf decor in the summer months. If you have leaf themed rocks, these work beautifully for the fall. You don't need to buy new painted rocks for this, simply divide up your existing collection according to seasons.

This is a fantastic way to use painted rocks.

Large painted rocks as bookends

Bookends are always useful, and large painted rocks are perfect for this. They needn't match each other to still look great. Since rock is a natural material it will look normal to have a different shape and theme for each bookend.

If you have the opposite problem of too many books that can't all fit on the shelf, you won't need the bookends - but you might like to take a look at these ideas for where to donate any of your books that you no longer want.


You don't need to wonder any more what to use painted rocks for. Above is a list of ideas - use any or all of these to incorporate your rock art collection into everyday life.

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