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Best Magazines for Intellectual Women

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There are many magazines out there, but few are geared toward the intellectual woman. Here, 5 magazines with intellectual depth are described.

Real Simple

This is a monthly women’s magazine intended to simplify life while enjoying it. Real Simple stands out from other women’s magazines with its excellent graphics, by showcasing real-life essays by accomplished writers and by offering plenty of time-saving shortcut tips. Fashion and home are not neglected, but come across as a complement to the issue rather than the main focus.

  • Pros: Great practical tips; focuses on some ‘big picture’ concepts in life that might be important to the reader; inexpensive with subscription; excellent modern-day etiquette column.
  • Cons: Their real-life essays are not always so interesting; the rest of the magazine is great though.

Eating well

This monthly magazine is not gender-specific. Eating Well focuses on helping the reader prepare healthful, tasty food. The recipes are only about half of the focus; the rest is on exercise and fitness, health, and education about proper use of a particular ingredient or an unusual food.

  • Pros: Every recipe is illustrated; food education topics remain on a high intellectual level; nutritional information is given for each recipe; magazine can be read as is even if recipes aren’t of interest.
  • Cons: in ensuring recipes are healthy there tend to be a large number of different ingredients featured in many of the recipes.

Town & Country

Town & Country is a women’s magazine with a focus on high-end fashion and style, but with in-depth articles suited to intellectuals. It’s similar in look to Vogue magazine – but with plenty of depth behind articles. For example, in Town and Country you can expect to find interviews with designers, or an article examining the economics between famous rival auction houses, and so on.

  • Pros: Absolutely excellent journalism; interviews with people that are normally difficult to gain access to, such as couture designers.
  • Cons: Geared toward women who can afford luxury products of the type to which those of us on an average income may not relate easily (although the magazine itself is very affordable).

The Economist

The Economist is an in-depth read and is gender-unbiased; neither targeting women or men preferentially. It's a weekly newsmagazine with an international flavor placing a strong focus on economics. It is readable by those without any formal training in business, finance or economics.

  • Pros: Clear, unbiased coverage; excellent writing; articles are great conversation fodder for intellectuals.
  • Cons: The weekly schedule may overwhelm the busy woman; is expensive at full price.

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair sounds frivolous, but it's not. It has stellar journalism and really goes in depth, and has a great track record. About half of the magazine is geared more toward fashion and beauty, with the other half full of long-form journalism that is certain to appeal to the intellectual woman.

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