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     Monday, January 24, 2022
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Exercise for people who hate exercise

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We all have a fair idea of what exercise is. Of course, we do know for sure that exercise is good for a number of things. First of all is the fact that it gives your body amazing contours just in the places you want them. The other reason is that it helps you keep healthy and fit when it is properly done.

Truthfully, the prospect of grunting under the weight of a barbell or almost bursting out in tears from the aftermath of doing squats can make you shudder when you hear the word exercise.

Even the best of us need plenty of motivation to help us keep up with the demands of exercising, so if you do not like exercises, you're not alone. This reminds me of my laughable attempt at exercising so as to have a good body to display on beach last summer, let’s just say that didn’t go well!

How to exercise even when you don’t like exercising

Yes, some of us do not like exercising but trust me, we cannot neglect the fact that there are some health benefits associated with exercises that would do our bodies a world of good. Using my story as a sample, I learnt quickly that there was absolutely no need for me to put myself under unnecessary pressure, lifting weight that was more than my body mass or jogging like my life depended on it.

So based on my experience, here are simple tips to help you exercise even when you don’t want to:

  • Take walks instead of jogging: Remember you don’t like exercises or anything that looks like a facilitator of stress so instead of jogging to heights never seen before, take walks in the evening or early morning when the ambience is all natural and cool, at a time when you can reflect on a number of things while observing nature without disturbances from anyone.
  • Try swimming: This is the most relaxing form of exercise I’ve ever done. You can effectively work on your muscles while enjoying yourself at the same time.
  • Try dancing: From ball room dancing to hip hop dancing, you can have an absolutely fantastic time just bobbing your head and jiggling to your favorite music. That way, you are breaking a sweat and you are at the same time enjoying yourself. It is a win-win situation!
  • Eat vegetables: Sometimes, all we need is just a change in our diet and vegetables are the way to go. Eat good food and with just little exercises to go with it, you will be absolutely fine.


These are just few ways to help you keep your body trim and in shape at all times. The key is starting small and gently working your way through, with time, your body would adjust and you will be able to add more routines to your workout schedule. You do deserve an amazing body - even if you hate exercises!

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