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     Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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How to change your ESPN password even if you can't remember it - illustrated tutorial

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You have an ESPN account, and you want to change your password but you forgot your current password. That's OK, yes you can do it, here we show you the steps with screenshots along the way.

Step 1: Log in with a security code instead of your password

This is much easier than it sounds! First go to espn.com and go to the login screen. Simply go to the person avatar symbol near top right corner, then a pop up menu will appear, go to "Log in", like this:

Screenshot of ESPN home page showing how to log in

Now it'll ask you for your login details. Since you can't remember your password, don't even bother trying to enter your details here. Instead, click on "Need help logging in?" as shown in the image below.

Screenshot of login screen at ESPN.com - how to change your ESPN password

After going to "Need help logging in?" you'll get to the following screen where it will find your account for you, you just to enter your email address:

Screenshot of ESPN.com when clicking on Need Help Logging In

After entering your email address and clicking "Continue", it'll email you a code to the email address you typed in. Just open a new window to check your email for the code, or if your email goes to your phone, get the code from there - it's typically just 6 digits long. It could take a few minutes to come through, that's OK. If you don't see it, check your spam box in case it went there.

Once you have the code, enter it in the box provided on the ESPN window.

Step 2: Reset your password

After you entered the code from the previous step, you will now see a welcome screen, so it should now look like this:

screenshot of ESPN for password reset - how to change your ESPN password

Do not click on "Done", no matter how tempting it is! Instead, click on "Reset Password" as shown above. This will take you to a screen where you can enter your new password, even if you can't remember the old one. You won't need the old password when you do it this way. Let's take a look at what your final screen will look like:

Screenshot of entering a new password at ESPN - how to change your ESPN password

After you enter your new password, just click "Save" and you're done. Now your ESPN password has been successfully changed to the one you entered just now.


What if I forgot to do the Reset Password link after entering my security code? How do I recover from that?

Don't worry, we've all been there. If you entered the security code but accidentally clicked "Done" instead of "Reset Password", just log out (it's the same place as where you logged in, see first screenshot in this article). Then start from the first step all over again. You haven't broken anything, you just need to start over.

I got 2 account update emails, 1 from ESPN and 1 from Disney. Why am I getting the one from Disney?

This is normal, although I agree it's annoying. ESPN.com is actually part of the Walt Disney family of companies. So Disney also sends you a notification anytime you make updates to your ESPN account, such as changing your password. I agree it's unnecessary and frustrating to get this unwanted Disney email. Why can't they just send an ESPN notification and not the Disney one? But the good news is, nothing went wrong, you received that email for a reason, everything is OK.

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