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For better mornings: 8 features you need in a coffee maker machine

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Coffee maker machine

Everyone wants better mornings, right? Coffee is an important part of that!

Coffee makers are available in many different makes and models. Here are the best features you should look for when purchasing a normal automatic-drip coffee machine for home use. Does your coffee maker have these?

1. Dark or metallic color

Darker tones stand the test of time. Many brands offer white as a color option but is not recommended because difficult-to-remove coffee stains will quickly make your unit look old.

2. Easy-to-place, easy-to-remove filter basket

Make sure the part that houses the paper filter can itself quickly be placed and removed. You don't want to have to do any tricky fiddling to get it to sit right, especially when you're about to brew coffee on a busy morning.

3. Machine is programmable for delayed brewing

This feature is a must if you like to wake up to the smell of fresh-brewed coffee! This definitely helps make mornings better. It’s also handy when entertaining; just set it up and program in the time you want the brewing to commence: no last-minute button-pushing to remember. Best of all are program buttons which are either liquid-resistant or are placed near the top of the unit, in case of coffee spills.

4. Auto shutoff on the keep-warm hot plate

You’ll want your coffee maker to keep the coffee warm for a prescribed time (ideally at least an hour, preferably two), and then shut off automatically for safety reasons. Almost all coffee maker machines in 2016 and beyond have this, but the length of time may vary between brands and models.

5. Large capacity (10 or 12 cups)

It’s well worth getting a large capacity coffee maker in case you are entertaining. Twelve cups is the usual maximum size for home use coffee makers. Even if you are only making coffee for one or two people, I still recommend the larger capacity. Why? It keeps hotter more easily: 2 cups brewed in 12 cup machine will mostly be at bottom of the carafe, having more area in contact with the hot plate. In contrast, 2 cups brewed in a 4 cup machine will not have as much of it in contact with the hot plate – and the hot plate would be smaller and not keep the coffee as hot.

6. Footprint and height that works for your kitchen

Make sure the coffee maker doesn’t take up too much space on your countertop, and it should also be short enough to fit under any overhanging cabinets.

7. Coffee pot carafe is easily replaceable

Odds are the carafe will break before the machine does; even the best coffee machines cannot guard against human error of a dropped and broken carafe. So before buying, it’s worth checking online to ensure whether a replacement carafe is cheaply available in your make and model.

8. Low price tag

With a huge variation in pricing between different brands, you needn’t feel obliged to shell out the big bucks for a coffee machine. After all, the type of coffee beans you use will have far more of an effect on the taste of your brew than the machine in which it’s made! Take a look at these budget-friendly coffee machines on Amazon. Ultimately, remember an automatic drip coffee machine is simply a device for pouring hot water over coffee grounds. Yes, you can get the best coffee machine at a cheap price point.


A good coffee maker machine will make your mornings better. To get one which will serve you best over the years, check into the 8 key features mentioned above. Be aware that there are plenty of additional features not mentioned here; whether these extras are worthwhile will depend on your personal preferences. Enjoy your coffee!

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