How to make mornings more fun

Being responsible¬†isn’t always a ton of fun, and mornings are definitely less exciting than when we were little kids! Now for the good news: there is a lot that even the busiest person can do to get their morning off to a better start. Here are my top before-leaving-for-work-or-school tips:

1. Figure out how much time you need to be ready fast, but without rushing. Honestly, this is probably about 5 to 10 mins extra than what you’re doing now. Don’t do anything about this just at the moment though. Just calculate the number of minutes.

2. Get up and start getting ready the minute your alarm goes off. No, you do not have to rush around the whole time before you leave. Just begin the process of moving to the shower right away. It’s OK if your brain hasn’t moved out of neutral yet, just so long as your body is getting ready.

3. After you get out of the shower, switch on portable music while getting ready (iPad, phone, tablet, whatever). I like Pandora because you’ll be assured a steady stream of your favorites. Also, the music keeps you moving. Do not turn on the TV because you’ll wind up stuck in front of it. If you need news updates, get them sometime or someplace else. I even put in a news feed for you below! Plus, music is just more fun and mornings should be fun.

4. Eat a fast, easy breakfast meal (we have a separate article¬†for you on that). Don’t set yourself up for a ton of work or dishes – that’s depressing to come home to after work or school, so go with some of the ideas I gave and make it fun and easy on yourself.

5. Before leaving for work, remember your answer to question 1. That evening, set your alarm that many minutes earlier to allow yourself time to get ready without stress. Go to bed correspondingly earlier. Until you get used to it, evenings may not seem as much fun… but mornings will be, and your morning self will thank you!

And that’s just 5 easy steps to making mornings a little better for you. Now that’s something we could all use.

And here is the news feed I promised you. Reuters has kindly provided this service for free for readers of FlipFall. Thanks, Reuters!