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If you are hosting a party, a dinner, a brunch, a cocktail function, or any other event in your home, it can be disconcerting to have a guest arrive before the stated time. On the flip side of that, you should feel flattered that this guest decided not to wait to enjoy your company! Nonetheless, if early arrivals are not your thing, here are some great tips for how to deal with this situation easily and gracefully with proper etiquette while continuing to get everything else ready. You'll come across as the perfect host without additional stress.

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If there is someone in your life who insists on using food past the due date, here is an easy and gentle way to convince them not to do this.

You are right to be worried about someone who consumes expired food. They risk food poisoning which can cause serious dehydration, not to mention the associated pain and misery. In the case of an elderly relative, please be aware that some of their attitude may be a result of poor eyesight where they cannot easily read the due date on the food. Small items such as yogurt often have the due date printed in tiny writing; even people with normal eyesight may have trouble reading this! Regardless of the cause, here is what to do in simple steps.

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You've hosted Thanksgiving, it's over, and your guests have a full stomach and full hearts. But what about all the turkey leftovers? Don't worry - we've got you covered. No need to keep eating slabs of reheated turkey over and over again! These meals are full of variety, and no-one will feel like they're eating endless turkey (even if they are!) Here's what to do with leftover turkey.

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If you're not a vegetarian yourself, it can seem a little daunting at first deciding what to make when you have a vegetarian guest coming for dinner. Rest assured that it's much easier than you think to accommodate a vegetarian dinner guest.

An easy solution is to make two versions of the main dish; a meat version and a vegetarian one, and ensure side items are all vegetarian.  Here I reveal the secret to making a vegetarian version of any main dish.

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