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     Friday, December 01, 2023
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For women

If you will be traveling in France, some other parts of Europe or parts of North Africa you’ll need to converse in French. This guide explains how you can instantly improve your pronunciation of French words by addressing the top 4 most common mistakes made by native English speakers. Don’t worry; these are easy to fix.

Once you master these 4 easy rules, you'll be less likely to be taken for a foreigner and it'll look like you've put so much more effort into your learning. This just makes for a smoother experience for your travels; people are going to be more appreciative.

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Whether you’re cooking for a crowd for a special occasion or simply making an ordinary weeknight dinner for two, garlic bread is an easy and versatile side item. And there's nothing better than homemade garlic bread fresh out of the oven.

However, unless you know the tricks, spreading home-made garlic butter sauce on a loaf of bread can be downright messy and time consuming. Find out here how to make garlic bread in the oven quickly and easily without any mess or fuss. Photos are included.

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If you like a touch of luxury in your life, you'll love LilySilk. In addition to cashmere and silk clothing, they also have silk bedding, pajamas and more. They deliver to many (but not all) countries.

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