Solitaire games – top 6 safe solitaire sites

Here we’ve compiled a library of the best safe free solitaire sites. We’ve selected sites whose whose main page takes you straight to a fresh solitaire game for your convenience.

We also checked security for you: at the time of writing, we checked all of these sites using the Sucuri Sitecheck Tool and these were all safe sites.

All of the solitaire sites listed below have the following convenient game features:

  • Takes you straight into a new game
  • Has an undo button if you want to take back your last move
  • Free to play
  • No registration required

1. World of Solitaire

World of Solitaire has the option to hide the ad to allow the playing board to become bigger and therefore to allow bigger sizes of cards. If you like ease of visibility, then this is the site for you. You’ll also find plenty of features and options, but with a nice simple interface and reasonable default settings.

2. Arkadium Solitaire Collection

If you believe that more is more, then you’ll love having an entire collection of Solitaire games to choose from at the Solitaire collection from Arkadium. These range from the well-known Classic Solitaire to Mahjong Solitaire to the intriguingly-named Forty Thieves Solitaire, and much more. At the time of writing, there were 12 different Solitaire games available here!

What made this site stand out is the top-notch quality of look and feel. Compared to other sites, they’ve gone above and beyond to ensure a great user experience. This should not come as a surprise, since Arkadium is the company who created the Microsoft Solitaire Collection that comes pre-installed on Microsoft Windows. If you have Windows then these are probably already on your computer somewhere… but for the rest of us (and those who’ve forgotten how to access the pre-installed Windows version), you can enjoy these Solitaire games through the link above.

3. Free Online Solitaire

At Free Online Solitaire you’ll get a simple, clean interface which is easy to use. There are few options compared to some other sites, but it’s perfect if you just want to play without worrying about settings.

4. Solitaire Time

Solitaire Time has a little more ads than most, but it defaults to nice large card sizes. Be aware that it opens with sound, unlike the other sites listed here, so this is not the best choice if you’re trying to look like you are working!

5. Solitaire For Free

Solitaire For Free looks gorgeous and has no ads, making it a superb choice. If you just want to play without distractions, this one is our top choice. The default card style is a little less traditional, but you can easily change that in the game options.

6. Classic Solitaire

Be aware that at Classic Solitaire, ads take up a fair amount of space on the left hand side of the window. Other than that it’s great.


Any of these 6 solitaire sites are safe, free and convenient to play.