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     Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Solitaire games - top safe solitaire sites

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A deck of playing cards - best safe solitaire sites

Here we’ve compiled a library of the best safe free solitaire sites. We’ve selected sites whose whose main page takes you straight to a fresh solitaire game for your convenience.

We also checked security for you. At the time of writing, all of these sites were checked using 2 methods: the Sucuri Sitecheck Tool and VirusTotal. These are all safe sites.

All of the solitaire sites listed below have the following convenient game features:

  • Takes you straight into a new game
  • Free to play
  • No registration required

1. Online Solitaire

Online Solitaire is our number one choice for ease of use and intuitive playing. Everything is clear from the get-go, letting you just get on with the play. This stands out from others by scaling well on desktop, mobile and tablet so you can play on any device; by contrast most other solitaires are not mobile or tablet friendly.

If you wish to customize anything, the settings button lets you control the design and many other aspects of play. The starting settings are great so you may never need to bother with that, but it's there if you want it. We also liked that if you win your game, you can in one click share on Twitter or Facebook, which adds to the fun factor.

2. World of Solitaire

World of Solitaire has the option to hide the ad to allow the playing board to become bigger and therefore to allow bigger sizes of cards. If you like ease of visibility, then this is the site for you. You’ll also find plenty of features and options, but with a nice simple interface and reasonable default settings.

3. PlaySolitaire

For those who love a spacious look with a decently big font and an uncluttered style of card design, PlaySolitaire is the option for you. There is an "undo" button if you realize you've made a mistake. You also have a help button to remind you of the rules without having to scroll away from your game. The clear white background and layout is perfect if you prefer the calmest possible look.

4. Solitaired

Solitaired is a fantastic choice because of its ease of use and its lack of ads. The game interface is very appealing; its large card sizes and distraction-free interface give it a relaxing and welcoming feel. Unlike many of the other solitaire sites, you can even read instructions on how to play, as well as key strategies for doing well.

They also offer a history of the game (just scroll down below your game to see all of that).

5. Free Online Solitaire

At Free Online Solitaire you’ll get a simple, clean interface which is easy to use. There are few options compared to some other sites, but that's perfect if you just want to play without worrying about settings.

6. Solitaire For Free

Solitaire For Free looks gorgeous and has no ads, making it a superb choice. If you just want to play without distractions, this one is our top choice. The default card style is a little less traditional, but you can easily change that in the game options.

7. Solitaire Web App

On its first run, Solitaire Web App takes you to a choice of 12 different types of solitaire; after that it'll put you straight into a new game. It has a pleasing interface with traditional-style cards and very few ads. We love the ability to get a hint if you want one.

What sets this one apart from others is that it'll keep track of your statistics on your own personal scoreboard with the Scores button at the bottom of the page. On that, you can get virtual trophies for winning a certain number of games. Now that's a fun way to play!


Any of these solitaire sites are safe, free and convenient to play. If none of these appeal or you're looking for a new online game that is straightforward yet fun, consider trying one of these tower defense games. Tower defense can be conveniently played in brief blocks of time here and there so it's engaging yet doesn't take long to play.

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