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     Thursday, March 30, 2023
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How to simplify life to have more fun

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Here we'll look at ways to simplify life while maximizing your aim - whether that is to have fun, meet a particular goal, or whatever.

A lot of times, it seems impossible to simplify life. Yet it can be done - but only when you decide what your main aim is. Obviously, it's a given that you'll have to support yourself financially, so you can't cut out working out of your schedule! Let's get started and think about some ways that "clutter" invades our minds and our time.

1. Is social media worth the time spent on it?

Are you really enjoying social media, or is it just one more thing to keep up with? Is it worth the time you spend on it, or does it become a "time sink"? There is no right or wrong answer here, but if you're only doing social media because of other people's expectations (and not for your own enjoyment), just quit! Cutting down your platforms to one or even zero can significantly simplify your life. And if your main concern is what other people will think (and not to any loss of enjoyment on your part) then that is a sign to definitely quit. People understand, especially if you send out a message first like "Hey, I'll be quitting Twitter/Facebook/etc soon, I just want to spend more time on other things." Then they'll know not to take it personally.

If you don't want to quit entirely but want to spend less time on social media, then remove the phone app for those social media and log in infrequently on desktop (like, once every few days or so). When doing this, do the absolute minimum to keep up with your account. I actually use this approach with Twitter - I just follow people who've followed me, but I don't get really "into" it. I've never been on Facebook. I feel like this gives me a huge advantage time-wise.

2. What are things that no-one (including yourself) cares about, but that you do anyway?

Think what are some of those things, and just stop doing them. For example, why bother to fold your clean laundry? You can just literally throw it in a drawer (different items in different drawers, of course, so that you know where to find everything). To avoid wrinkles, use hangers for everything possible, e.g. all tops except sweaters can go on hangers.

3. Schedule errands together as much as possible

You're probably already doing this, but try to think if an errand is really necessary, and if so, try to group it with other errands in the same area. If needed, use a phone memo to keep an ongoing list of errands to do - when you get enough of them lined up, do them together.

4. Don't bother keeping up with information that you don't actually care about

If you don't truly care about the news, only keep up with it to a minimum – for example, reading the headlines on a news aggregator. I can find out generally what's going on without having to spend more than a minute or two. Similarly, I don't bother with news on TV, radio or newspaper.

Or for another example, if you're not really into fashion, don't bother keeping up with it except at the minimum level to look put-together.

5. Actually make a point of doing something that fits with your main aim

If your aim is a religiously based one, or just to have more relaxation time, or time to write that novel you've always wanted to write... build it into your head. Don't feel obligated to schedule it yet on your calendar if that stresses you out, but try to keep it strongly in mind. This will ensure that your newfound extra time doesn't go to waste.


As you can see, the key here is to really think about why you're doing things that you routinely do. If you truly derive enjoyment from those things, keep doing them. But if they serve no purpose and are taking up time, cut them out of your routine. Of course, you need to remember to actually put that time toward your main aim. Those things you used to do before? You'll probably never miss them.

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